This is us six thanksgivings

Six Thanksgivings

this is us six thanksgivings

TV | 44min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | Episode aired 20 November Season 3 | Episode 8. The Pearsons have an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner; In the past, Jack, Rebecca and the big three spend Thanksgiving with Miguel.

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Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Thanksgiving is a big deal for the Pearsons on This Is Us. The show set a high bar in season 1 with "Pilgrim Rick," the episode with the ill-fated road trip that gave the family some of the greatest memories and traditions of their entire lives. Season 2 skipped over a Thanksgiving episode in lieu of the neat trilogy the show did focusing on each of the kids.

Yet as with a few other episodes this week, the ingenuity of the idea somewhat outweighs the execution. The episode opens on the rather foreboding image of Rebecca, head bowed, with a tear streaming down her face. He excuses himself and Jack finds him another room, helping him through a painful moment. Jack gives an ever-inspiring speech about fighting for his family. Miguel appears moved.

The episode starts out on the last Thanksgiving of the Pearson family as a whole, but this year Miguel was added to the celebrations. Before Miguel arrives, Jack and Rebecca overhear the kids laughing in the other room, which was a pleasant surprise to them with all of the fighting that had been going on between the big three. Jae-won was upset about the location change because the one he set up had a lot of press, whereas the one Beth set up had none. Beth thought spending time with people and getting a genuine connection would be better than a photo opportunity. Thanksgiving in Vietnam starts off with Jack seeing a kid who cut open his foot on the barbed wire. During Thanksgiving dinner, Jack sees the mother of the injured son struggling to carry two heavy buckets and helps her. Jack goes to see Nick after he helped clean the boys wound and Nick told Jack why he was against helping the boy.

‘This Is Us’ recap: ‘Six Thanksgivings’

“Six Thanksgivings”

Aptly titled "Six Thanksgivings," the episode stayed on the lighter side of things but still mixed in plenty of drama. Below, we're breaking down each of the Thanksgivings and more moments to keep in mind for the midseason finale next week. Set somewhere in the '90s, Miguel attends the Pearson family's festivities after his recent divorce with Shelly. The teens are sitting in the living room laughing as they discuss Randall's Niles Fitch college application question — who has had the biggest impact on his life? Of course, he says the question is flawed because how could you pick one, but his family thinks it's fairly straight-forward for a child that was discovered at a fire station. Meanwhile, Miguel is barely hanging on as he tries to maintain a relationship with his children, Andy and Amber. Jack pulls his friend aside to give him the kind of pep talk and he advises Miguel to keep trying with his kids.

'This Is Us': Tess' Thanksgiving Reveal and Jack's Necklace Mystery Solved (RECAP)

Sign in. See the list. Title: Six Thanksgivings 20 Nov Six Thanksgivings, covering close to fifty years, are presented, listed below in chronological order. One is in Vietnam, Jack recently having arranged for Nick to join his company as a medic. Nick is harboring some anger, the reasons unknown to Jack. That reason may come to light as Jack tries to help a struggling family in the village consisting of an old man, a young woman and the woman's adolescent son.

By Dino-Ray Ramos. True to form and as the title of the episode suggests, we travel to significant Thanksgiving benchmarks of the Pearson family timeline. Randall is about to submit his essay about who had the most impact in his life for his college application and his family is playfully busting his chops about it. Then we are brought back to the Vietnam war where Jack is still trying to take care of his unwilling and bitter brother Nick Michael Angarano while befriending a local Vietnamese woman. In the same time period, Rebecca accompanies Miguel to have Thanksgiving lunch with his estranged children — which is associated with the introductory story.

Need to catch up? We see William meet someone special and Tess reach a huge milestone and let us in on a little secret. And finally, a long time ago in a war far, far away, we find out exactly how Jack got that necklace. Guys, the show is officially trolling us. Jack acknowledges that Miguel spent a little too much time at the office, but he also recalls the time Miguel learned how to play golf just so he could become a major player who could make business deals out on the green. BETH V.

Rebecca cries as she cuts the onions. Jack gives her a kiss on the cheek as he enters the kitchen. Rebecca points out that this will probably be the last Thanksgiving they have with the kids still living at home. She wonders if they should've invited their extended family but Jack says no that both their families are horrible. Jack also reminds her that Miguel is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Niles Fitch, Logan Shroyer, Hannah Zeile, Mandy Moore, and Milo Ventimiglia do a wonderful job capturing the loving, teasing dynamic of the family as Randall takes a home-run chance to play up his tear-jerking backstory on a college admissions essay and instead turns it into a philosophical rumination on the question itself. Rather than constantly cutting between the six storylines, they mostly unfold one after the other, the better to let their subtle emotional arcs play out. Among many other things, Falls has some standout West Wing episodes to his name, including the iconic Butterball Hotline Thanksgiving episode. Deja only speaks a line or two in this episode, yet she gets a whole emotional arc about quietly processing her new life as a Pearson while starting to make peace with her relationship with her mom. To start with, Jessie is back! How the tables have turned! The Rivas Thanksgiving storyline is the most classic This Is Us element of the episode, in that it features a big speech in which Miguel hashes out his family issues and staunchly defends Rebecca.


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