Wizard of oz script pdf

The Wizard of Oz RSC script

wizard of oz script pdf

Early Version Of 'Wizard of Oz' Scripts Head For Auction Block

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You will find extensive "samples" of all versions of the play in PDF format at the bottom of this page - these "samples" are also available in MS Word doc. Approximate Playing Time: minutes. Our abridged version of this script is available for school groups who prefer a shorter performance time. Can be performed with or without an intermission. Playing time approximately 60 minutes. General comments on expanding the cast : We are constantly amazed by the many ways creative directors and teachers find to further expand the already generous cast size of this play.

We dimmed the lights. In our pajamas, we huddled together under a blanket. On a recent afternoon in my study, I pored over a photocopy of a touchstone memento from the filma typewritten studio script. The original, in the collections of the National Museum of American History and dated May 4, , consists of about pages. Though other writers, including lyricist E. He based the script on L.

In this faithful and playfully short adaptation of the original novel, Dorothy lands in Oz and must find her way home to Kansas. But first she must find the yellow brick road, make it through the poppy field, avoid the flying monkeys, and defeat the Wicked Witch. No big deal. I am interested in doing a play next year for a one act competition. However, it seems like I can not buy a copy to look at over the summer and read.

Wizard of Oz, The (1939)

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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records. Billy Bounce Artwork Scans of W. Frank Baum and about the Land of Oz. Books of Wonder Publisher Oz books, collectible mugs, games, puzzles, pins, and more for sale! Frank Baums American Fairy Tales.




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