Does marijuana cause lung cancer

Marijuana and Lung Health

does marijuana cause lung cancer

Olivia Newton-John Speaks Out About Cancer and Marijuana

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The short answer—maybe. Let's take a look at the long answer and the effects that smoking marijuana can have on the lungs. In , many of us in medicine were shocked when a review of research to date did not show an increase in lung cancer related to marijuana use. One study demonstrated a doubling in lung cancer for male marijuana smokers who also used tobacco i. A study published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology summarized some of the difficulties both in knowing whether marijuana use is associated with lung cancer, and how well marijuana may work to control symptoms in people living with cancer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , smoking causes , deaths each year in the United States, and 90 percent of all lung cancers are smoking-related. Sure, it's not exactly the same thing, but you're still literally inhaling smoke—it's got to have some health risks attached to it, right? Is it possible to get lung cancer from smoking marijuana as well? Right now, the only answer to that is That's because there's been little research to either support or disprove a link between marijuana and cancer, simply because, you know, pot is still largely illegal.

While half the country is trying to legalize marijuana and touting its benefits in the medical world, no one seems to be asking the logical question … does smoking pot cause lung cancer? But we live in a society that perpetuates the idea that smoking weed is not as harmful, or not harmful at all. Because marijuana use was illegal throughout the United States until a few years ago, and is now legal in only a few states, researchers attempting to study a link between smoking pot and lung cancer have had to work with very limited data. Studies attempting to examine the risk do suggest that smoking weed increases the risk of lung cancer, but that suggestion is not conclusive. Flores says. Another issue doctors see when trying to measure lung damage from marijuana use is how often people smoke it. It could be possible that smoking pot is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes, but pot smokers tend to experience fewer symptoms because they usually smoke less often.

Early in his career operating on lung cancer patients, Dr. Raja Flores knew most were cigarette smokers. But through the years, Flores, a thoracic surgeon at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, noticed a startling pattern: Some of his patients had never smoked a tobacco cigarette. They smoked a different drug: marijuana. And they had developed a much more aggressive form of lung cancer. The research linking pot smoking with cancer was scant and largely inconclusive.

Experts say that an immediate, large scale study is necessary to definitively examine the link between marijuana and lung cancer, as well as to help educate millions of people who are smoking marijuana recreationally. This is largely due to the fact that smoking pot was illegal for so long and therefore not easy to study in a long term way. He says there is a lot of evidence to suggest marijuana may cause cancer. This includes:. But Tashkin says when you look at human studies the evidence is not there.

Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer?

Second Hand Smoke and Lung Cancer

Can You Get Lung Cancer From Smoking Weed?

Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke is an irritant to the throat and lungs and can cause a heavy cough during use. It also contains levels of volatile chemicals and tar that are similar to tobacco smoke, raising concerns about risk for cancer and lung disease. Marijuana smoking is associated with large airway inflammation, increased airway resistance, and lung hyperinflation, and those who smoke marijuana regularly report more symptoms of chronic bronchitis than those who do not smoke. Whether smoking marijuana causes lung cancer, as cigarette smoking does, remains an open question. One complexity in comparing the lung-health risks of marijuana and tobacco concerns the very different ways the two substances are used. Cell culture and animal studies have also suggested THC and CBD may have antitumor effects, and this has been proposed as one reason why stronger expected associations are not seen between marijuana use and lung cancer, but more research is needed on this question. National Institute on Drug Abuse website.

Does Marijuana Causes Lung Cancer

Does marijuana cause lung cancer? Doctors call for more research





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