Does younique test on animals

Younique’s Animal Testing Statement; Not 100% Cruelty-Free

does younique test on animals

“Younique does not test our products on animals. We are in the process of exploring/procuring official certification as a cruelty-free company.


This was back in late — I am saddened to see that it is still happening in In real life, some of my friends-circle know who Elle Beau truly is ; most folks who know me, know that I am staunchly anti-MLM. Before I could ask what the heck she was playing at, she swiftly messaged me with an explanation. You never know, perhaps I may even gain a fresher perspective on how huns operate in I have highlighted in red my areas of concern. I was instantly irritated. Is it possible that Younique have taken their website statement on animal testing down?

From the FAQ: We do not test our products on animals nor do we If you like Younique, take a look at my cruelty-free makeup guide here with.
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Exciting news! Thank you for considering buying it! Your support means the world to me. The following list consists of companies that are not cruelty-free. These brands engage in animal testing OR fund animal testing in some capacity, the most common example being by testing on animals where the law requires it. There are however two exceptions, the first one being Colgate-Palmolive, which have agreed to gradually change their policy. This does NOT mean the company is or will be cruelty-free in the near future!

Younique products have made several appearances in my social media feed in the past 2 years with their popular 3D fiber lash mascara. Although Younique may not test their products on animals, the raw ingredients may have been sourced from suppliers that do test on animals. I was extremely happy to read on your website that Younique does not test their products on animals and is currently working on being certified cruelty-free. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with further information at this time. Younique does not test our products on animals. We are beginning to expand globally. At this point and based on their response, I would not consider Younique to be a cruelty-free brand.

Heck, I even got myself blocked by Younique Corporate on Twitter for challenging them about their wishy-washy responses to those who wanted to know about their cruelty-free stance. What do you think? Also, they want to sell in mainland China, which requires animal testing. Naturally, I am no longer a member. Someone tried asking them about their pursuit of the leaping bunny logo four years ago.

Let’s Be Honest, Younique Are Never Going to Obtain Cruelty-Free Certification

Exciting news! Thank you for considering buying it!,


Younique Presenters, you’ve got to stop saying you’re Cruelty-Free.






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