What sound does a goat make

Does this dog sound more like a dolphin or a goat? Watch talented terrier's uncanny impressions

what sound does a goat make

Did you guys know that people find it hard to call the sound created by goats? There are many farm, livestock and pet owners who raise goats that do not even .

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The Boston terrier's owner can be heard laughing uncontrollably as her dog does his best to sound like a dolphin, or possibly even a goat. When it comes to impressions, this dog could give Alistair McGowan and Jon Culshaw a run for their money - because he does a mean goat and a decent dolphin. In this hilarious clip, Bruce the Boston terrier , who is sitting upright on the backseat of a car, is clearly excited at the sight of other animals on the road. The one-and-a-half-year-old mutt begins his imitations by bleating like a goat, before whistling like a dolphin, much to the delight of his giggling owner. Since the dog's owner, known as MorbidAngela, posted the second clip on YouTube earlier this month, it's been viewed a whopping , times. My dog can also sound like a guinea pig.

Forum Pictures The sheep says "baa" Welcome to the Quilting Board! Now does anyone know what a goat says? Cute pix. Right - like in that Aflack commercial. You mean the duck? That's the one!

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Sometimes twitter is filled with bile and horror you know, our chief executive and nazis ; other times it is filled with support, surprise and serendipity. So, I got to thinking that an account I would definitely subscribe to would be one that was just made up of animal noises from different languages. You know, Arabic mice, French ducks, Tamil dogs, Mandarin elephants etc. It would be charming, interesting, and a welcome relief from everything else. Then, I tweeted about it:. Also, there is a beautiful webpage ajwyman sent to me which collects a lot of these sounds but the flash player is a little messed up. If you are interested in the twitter thread, I storified it.

what bird makes a sound like a goat/sheep, after dark?




What do we call the sound a goat makes?



What Sound Does A Goat Make?




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