How much does a personal trainer make starting out

Average Entry-Level Personal Trainer Hourly Pay

how much does a personal trainer make starting out

Personal trainer salary and how much personal trainers make keeps increasing. Afterward, you should Take the quiz to find out which PT certification is right for Also, if you want to start studying for your personal training certification, don't.

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There are numerous ways to make money as a personal trainer, but unquestionably the most common way is to start working at a gym. When people first consider becoming a trainer they begin to think about the major gyms and how much they pay. However, the gym route is not the only one and many existing or aspiring trainers want to venture into the more entrepreneurial routes of private, or online, personal training, as higher income levels are more easily achieved. Gyms want their trainers to get, or have, certifications, because they provide a baseline for credibility. We have written a very comprehensive blog on the best personal trainer certifications where you can take a look at our side-by-side analysis of 10 different, popular personal training certification organizations.

Personal trainers are fitness workers who help individuals or small groups improve their fitness through strength training, stretching and cardiovascular activities. They are not the same as athletic trainers, who are health care professionals who work to prevent sports injuries. Personal trainers work out of health clubs, at their own private gyms or in the homes of clients. Personal trainers must be able to demonstrate how to carry out fitness routines while taking into account the goals and health of a client. They watch him perform an exercise, point out correct techniques to minimize injury and motivate him to make progress. Another credential is for Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, which enables trainers to teach weight management programs, including nutrition and the psychological aspects of weight loss. Salaries for personal trainers increase with education, with those having only a high school diploma making the lowest wages.

At the top of this list is your track record and credibility. Personal trainers with a steady and well-established work history tend to demand a higher pay rate compared to those who are just getting started. Personal referrals can play a huge role in expanding your client base, and as the interest for your services gains momentum, your income potential will grow. Applying the basic business principle of supply and demand, when more people want to hire you, it puts you in the position to increase the price of your services. Typically, personal trainers bill per hour or by the session.

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How much you earn as a Personal Trainer really depends on you. It's not hard to become a PT but it takes longer than becoming a Fitness Instructor. Check this guide to see how to become a Personal Trainer. There is a difference in earning between a Fitness Instructor Level 2 qualified and a newly qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. The earning potential is significantly higher than that of a Level 2 Fitness Instructor.

Personal training is one of the fastest-growing careers in America. With obesity rates on the rise, the need for individuals in the health industry are higher than ever. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a career as a Personal Trainer can be lucrative. If you choose to be a Personal Trainer, you can expect career satisfaction immediately and job growth within the first year. When starting out in the personal training field it is a good idea to work at a gym.

Those numbers go up or down depending on where you live and work. And even that was a struggle. So how was I able to more than quadruple my income in five years? I hope you can learn from my missteps, and find a smoother path to your own six-figure income. There I was, a young person with a personal training certification , ready to conquer the fitness world.

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