How long does it take to bake turkey legs

Herb Roasted Turkey Legs

how long does it take to bake turkey legs



Have you ever had the urge for roasted turkey but didn't want to roast an entire turkey? Well, this baked turkey leg recipe is your answer. It's all the flavors you get from a whole roasted turkey, but you just get juicy dark met. So easy to prepare, these turkey legs have the perfect balance of seasoning and a slight citrus flavor. The citrus seems to enhance the flavor of the meat. The skin crisps up perfectly too. The Test Kitchen.

Baked turkey legs is a great alternative to roasting the whole turkey! Turkey legs are meaty, juicy and succulent — everyone loves turkey leg meat! Have you seen those giant turkey legs sold in the meat section of the grocery store? Next time you see turkey legs, get them — cooking turkey legs is really easy. In fact, baked turkey legs is an effortless meal — you just put the turkey legs in the oven, and the oven does all the work for you! Turkey legs are so huge — they make chicken legs look super tiny. Look at the above picture — 4 turkey legs take up the whole baking sheet!

You can usually find this product in supermarkets around Thanksgiving in the United States. Other times of the year, you may have to ask the butcher for them.
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Oven roasted, flavorful and juicy herb roasted turkey legs for days when a whole turkey is just too much food or you are cooking for a smaller party. Whenever I attend these festivities, I tend to to pick out the dark meats — which I find is usually the most flavorful and juiciest part of the bird. When I came up with this recipe, I thought about what the holidays meant to me and how the holidays are not always going to be huge family gatherings for everyone. There are a lot of situations where the holidays mean smaller and cozier dinners with families are overseas, or not much family in general — having a whole turkey is kinda not practical so why not just eat the best part only? For this roasted turkey legs recipe, most ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. You can also substitute chicken in place of the turkey legs as well but you will need to adjust the cooking time and cook it for less time. For the herbs, you can basically combo any of your favorite green herbs for this recipe but try not to over do it on the really strong flavored ones like dill.

Roasted Turkey Legs

Simple Delicous Turkey Legs

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A whole juicy turkey leg roasted in the oven and served in a divine sauce with vegetables. A turkey leg, either whole or only the thigh or the drumstick is the best part of the turkey, I would say. It makes for the most wonderful roast, flavorful and juicy… and then that crispy skin on top.

How To Cook Turkey Legs in the Oven

Show less Turkey drumsticks are a flavorful alternative to chicken. They are best known for their savory dark meat and crispy brown skin. Drumsticks are much easier to prepare than cooking a whole turkey, so they're a great choice for weeknight cooking. Learn how to bake, grill, slow-cook or boil turkey drumsticks to perfection. You shouldn't completely remove the skin from your drumsticks.

Christopher Godwin is a freelance writer from Los Angeles. He spent his formative years as a chef and bartender crafting signature dishes and cocktails as the head of an upscale catering firm. He has since ventured into sharing original creations and expertise with the public. Turkey legs are commonly neglected in favor of breasts and thighs as a main course. However, turkey legs contain very flavorful meat and can be easily cooked with few spices and seasonings.

Roasted turkey legs are perfect anytime, and also for small Thanksgiving gatherings. Roasting at a high temperature ensures crispy skin and juicy meat. Roasted turkey legs are so tasty and satisfying! I serve them often for dinner. I also like to serve them for Thanksgiving instead of roasting a whole bird. Not everyone wants or needs to roast a whole turkey for Thanksgiving. Perhaps you plan on a small Thanksgiving gathering.


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