What does le gusta mean

What does le gusta/le gustan mean???

what does le gusta mean

I know it means likes and dislikes but why is it in starting with le? what does that mean?.

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Gustar is a verb that confuses many English speakers at the beginning. Gustar is used to say like in Spanish. But unfortunately the conjugation rules the way you change the verb are a little different from normal verbs. Why is this? Because instead of directly meaning like , it actually means that something is pleasing for you. Knowing whether to use Gusta or Gustan depends on the words that come after it the things that you like. This is sometimes used to give more emphasis about the person who is liking the thing but also to clarify when they may be a doubt about who that person is.

Log in Sign up. Log in. Showing results for le gusto. Listen to an audio pronunciation. Looking for the verb gustar instead? A phrase is a group of words commonly used together e. He likes me and wants to take me on a date.

In Spanish, this never occurs. In Spanish, a different construction is used. English: I like the room. Spanish: The room is pleasing to me. English: We like the books. Spanish: The books are pleasing to us.

Full Lesson. At a Glance. Spanish sentences generally use the same order and sentence structure as English sentences. An example:. Yo como la pizza.

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I like - me gusta

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Translate ?le gusta?. See 5 authoritative translations of ?le gusta? in English with audio pronunciations.
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