What does sumac taste like

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what does sumac taste like

While it is related, the sumac I'm talking about is far from poisonous, and makes Taste: Sour Most Popular Use: Spice blends, dry rubs, salads The sumac on fattoush salad, and makes a nice topping on dips like hummus.


As for its use, over 2, years ago the Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides wrote on the health properties of sumac in his epic tome De Materia Medica, and doctors as well as cooks have employed it for centuries. Medicinally it was utilized as an astringent, antiseptic and tonic. At one time there was even sumac pink lemonade, which helped cool feverish patients in addition to tasting good. In North America, the indigenous peoples also used fragrant and smooth sumac in beverages, mainly to create a concoction similar to beer. However, its peak season is late summer through the middle of fall, and you can even find it yourself if you are tromping through the woods.

Most people associate sumac with being poisonous. While some Sumac species are indeed poisonous, no need to worry. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the basics:. The flavor of sumac is quite surprising. It has levels of tart and fruity flavors that can only be described as having an element of lemony goodness. This sweet but sour taste is followed by an astringent powerful taste bud punch.

A dried red spice used traditionally in Middle Eastern cooking , sumac is having a moment.
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Tangy and vibrant red Middle Eastern sumac is a stranger to most spice cabinets, but trust us. Every kitchen should have a little jar of sumac! It might become your newest secret ingredient. So what exactly is it? You can find it in plants across subtropical and temperate parts of Africa, North America, the Middle East, and Turkey. Ancient doctors and indigenous peoples used it as a tonic, antiseptic, and astringent.

Sumac: What Does it Taste Like and How Do You Use it?

First Time Tasting Sumac BBQ Chicken~The Rub J Christopher Co.

You may never have eaten sumac, but it's sneaking up on you. Somewhat uncommon in American cuisine, the citrusy, berry-like, bracingly tart.
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