Propane torch to kill weeds

A New Weapon in the War on Weeds: Flamethrowers

propane torch to kill weeds

Looking for a chemical-free method to kill weeds? A portable propane torch is an easy way to eradicate weeds from paver patios or gravel driveways without.

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Product Registration. Product Support. A portable propane torch is an easy way to eradicate weeds from paver patios or gravel driveways without applying harmful herbicides. Columbus, Ohio USA This site uses JavaScript to enhance functionality.

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But the biologist is out here shooting , BTUs at weeds to find out if she can cook them to death instead of spraying them with harsh chemicals or pulling them out by hand. Experts have tried almost everything to eradicate the aggressive but pretty, buttercup-like Eurasian flower from U. Pulling the tiny weed out by hand can do more harm than good. Each individual plant can produce more than two dozen underground bulblets. Below the bulblets, deep tubers anchor it into a densely matted root system. Break any of those pieces off and they can quickly re-sprout in a new location. Digging the plants out with backhoes and Bobcats destroys delicate stream environments, and still leaves the issue of what to do with the bulblets and tubers.

Flame weeding is safe when you use the equipment properly. Read on to learn how to use flame weeders and when flame weeding is suitable. Flame weeding is passing a flame over a weed briefly to heat the plant tissues just enough to kill them. The goal is not to burn up the weed, but to destroy plant tissue so that the weed dies. Flame weeding kills some annual weeds for good, but perennial weeds often regrow from the roots left in the soil. Perennial weeds require several treatments at two- to three-week intervals. As with any weeding method, if you kill back the tops often enough, the weeds eventually give up and die.

And even though farmers for centuries have used controlled burning to improve crops, it has not been until recently that home gardeners began to use mechanical flame torches, or flamers, in the garden. Of course, it's never too late to invent a garden tool that kills unwanted weeds without requiring the gardener to bend and pull, disturb the soil, or lace both soil and crops with herbicides. Though flaming technology has been around since the s, home gardeners have expressed renewed interest in these weed-fighting tools. Flamers require no chemicals, and don't result in groundwater contamination or chemical residues on garden crops. But safety concerns of another type remain. Never use flame torches around any dry, brown, or otherwise flammable material. Also, their use during dry periods in forested or arid regions is prohibited, or ought to be.

Kill Weeds With Heat

When flame weeding, the most effective method is to catch weeds early, from inches.,





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