System error id 216 task id 1 line 0401

US20070260538A1 - System, method and database for processing transactions - Google Patents

system error id 216 task id 1 line 0401

this error message: System ErrorID: Task ID: Line not work normally, or an error message is displayed. 1. Turn off the power. 2. Initialize the KROME. While holding down The system was just confused.

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Effective date : Retail and other business establishments that serve a large number of customers generally have a problem obtaining transactional information about their customers, such as for identifying new customers and determining transactional patterns for repeat customers such as transactional frequency and dollar volume. For those stores that experience a high volume of check transactions, an immediate customer information problem is determining whether to authorize a check transaction in the typical situation where the sales clerk does not personally know the purchaser. Beyond this immediate problem of check verification, these stores have a broader need for gathering transactional information that could be used in developing customer profiles useful in targeting advertising, marketing and promotions. These businesses strive for maximum efficiency in completing transactions at the checkout counter, which results in a minimum of contact between the customer and the sales clerk.

These topics contain information about the messages and codes that Tools Customizer and Accelerator Loader issue. Messages and codes These topics contain information about the messages and codes that Tools Customizer and Accelerator Loader issue. Tools Customizer messages Use the information in these messages to help you diagnose and solve Tools Customizer problems. Accelerator Loader messages Look up Accelerator Loader messages to obtain information about them, including message explanations and suggested responses. HLOE Insufficient region size. Available region size of at least is required.

Systems and methods are provided for implementing: a rings architecture for communications and data handling systems; an enumeration process for automatically configuring the ring topology; automatic routing of messages through bridges; extending a ring topology to external devices; write-ahead functionality to promote efficiency; wait-till-reset operation resumption; in-vivo scan through rings topology; staggered clocking arrangement; and stray message detection and eradication. Other inventive elements conveyed include: an architectural overview of a packet processor; a programming model for a packet processor; an instruction pipeline for a packet processor; and use of a packet processor as a module on a rings-based architecture.
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This update may be installed on any KROME, regardless of the currently installed system version; it is not necessary to install intermediate upgrades first. Note: The changes from version 1. No new feature, improvement, or bug fix is added. All references to the Licensed Program shall mean the object code only of the program s comprising the Licensed Program. The Licensed Program and any manuals or other written documentation supplied with the Licensed Program belongs to you.

Korg Forums A forum for Korg product users and musicians around the world. Moderated Independently. View previous topic :: View next topic. Has anyone had a System error id Task id 2 line ??? Back to top. Hi, I had an error like that dont remenber if it was the same?


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