Is miralax safe for kids

Should parents be concerned about MiraLAX side effects in kids?

is miralax safe for kids

Psychiatric Events in Kids Caused By Miralax- What's the Natural Alternative?

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Here's what the experts have to say about Miralax for kids. It's shocking to learn, then, that the common over-the-counter medication is not meant to be used for kids under There have even been reported side effects like behavioral issues, speech problems, anxiety, and depression. But doctors like Steve J. Hodges, M. So far, the study, which is still ongoing, has found cases of adverse side effects in children who took the laxative, including 37 kids who displayed neurological or psychiatric symptoms.

A popular over-the-counter medication is coming under intense scrutiny, after some parents claim their children experienced neuropsychiatric problems while taking the drug. Katie Kim reports. MiraLAX is recommended for adults and children ages 17 and over and for use no more than seven days. However, many pediatricians prescribe the laxative off-label to children who experience chronic constipation. Of concern for many parents is the active ingredient in MiraLAX and similar generic laxatives called polyethylene glycol , or PEG , and its possible adverse effects in children.

Because most constipation cases can be remedied through recommended over-the-counter laxatives, constipation is rarely a cause for severe worry among parents. However, one commonly prescribed laxative medication, MiraLAX, has been the focus of significant parental apprehension due to concerns that its active ingredient, polyethylene glycol PEG , may be linked to tremors, tics, obsessive-compulsive behaviors and aggression in children following its use. William T. To voice their concerns, many parents of children exhibiting neuropsychiatric symptoms after using MiraLAX have joined activist groups, most notably the private Facebook group Parents Against MiraLAX PEG , which now boasts more than 12, members. You have to make your own choices and decisions based on your child and research. The petition also called for immediate recall of products containing the ingredient, so a black box warning could be added as well as review and disclosure of all clinical trial results concerning PEG Edward A.

Is Miralax Safe For Babies And Toddlers?

Is MiraLax Safe For My Child?

Constipation is an incredibly frustrating problem for children and their families. Having a child with stomach pain, pain with stooling and even bloody stools because of constipation is very frustrating. Several treatment options are available but does one of the most common options for treating constipation pose a serious risk for your child? You may have read one of the recent media articles highlighting a concern among some families that MiraLax may lead to neurologic or psychiatric side effects such as tremors, tics or obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Previous reports have shown that some samples of MiraLax had trace amounts of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol which are ingredients in anti-freeze and have been linked to neuro-psychiatric problems.

But MiraLAX is given to many young children daily for months at a time sometimes even for years. MiraLAX and similar medications are laxatives and stool softeners using polyethylene glycol PEG as the active ingredient. In the meantime, our understanding of MiraLAX is already better than of many medicines used in kids. There is a potential for adverse effects with any medicine. With any medicine we should weigh the benefits of using it against these potential adverse effects. Or flaxseed oil for more stubborn constipation. I also like weakly brewed Smooth Move Peppermint tea with senna, a time-honored way to get things moving in the short run.





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    But sometimes, your baby may need medical intervention, and the doctor may prescribe a laxative such as MiraLAX.

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    When major news stations released an announcement that Miralax has been linked to behavioral problems in children, I froze.

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