Avermedia live gamer hd 2 vs elgato hd60 pro

Best Capture Cards 2019 Capture Card Reviews and Buying Guide

avermedia live gamer hd 2 vs elgato hd60 pro

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What's more fun than playing video games? Making videos about playing video games! Whether you're interested in streaming, making walkthroughs, or building a video archive of your gaming adventures, a capture card can give you recording and broadcasting options that wouldn't be possible with just your gaming PC or console. Capture cards transform your gameplay and are primarily aimed towards console gamers. What follows are 10 of the best video cards you can buy for video game streaming and recording purposes. The way people play games has dramatically changed, and gamers love to record their footage.

And while software such as XSplit allows you to record and stream in-game footage without requiring any extra hardware, using such software usually results in a noticeable performance drop. Now, a capture card will allow you to record gameplay on the PC with no performance hit and when it comes to consoles, they will allow you to easily capture and transfer any gameplay footage to the PC with minimal effort. Elgato is a seasoned German company that has been around since , and during that time, they have excelled in producing a variety of electronics and software. Coming in the form of an inconspicuous black box with rounded edges, the HD60S can easily be plugged into your PC, console, or TV, and it is among the more affordable capture cards listed here. First and foremost, the HD60S can stream in p at 60 FPS, and with a maximum bitrate of 40 Mbps, which is likely to be more than enough for most users today.

Which will come out on top? Wait and see But was it worth it? Feature-wise, the cards are almost identical. Both cards have very low latency to the computer, and offer 60 megabits per second compressed video via their respective native applications, and a separate, uncompressed video feet out to third-party programs like OBS Studio. The HD60 Pro is much smaller than the Live Gamer HD 2, however, and even comes with a low-profile bracket for small form factor capture or streaming rigs. The Live Gamer HD 2 is quite a bit fatter, but features 3.

The Best Capture Cards for Video Game Streaming

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AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K vs. Elgato 4K60 Pro the 4K capture-card showdown

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But now I want to get into a few more of the details to show how these two devices compare head-to-head at their max settings. Just to get a sample, I recorded the opening cinematic in the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus on both devices with everything turned all the way up. I also used the bundled software from the respective companies. Both are serviceable even if they look exactly like the kind of software you imagine a company would bundle with a piece of hardware. The most significant difference is the codec that each one uses. The 4K60 Pro records in H. The Live Gamer 4K, however, can do H.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro you'll probably need something better than what Elgato's stock software can offer. The next capture card on the list comes from another company called AVerMedia, and it's their Live Gamer 4K 3 Mbps for p SD quality; 5 Mbps for p HD quality; 8 Mbps for p ryzen vs intel.
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