Alice in chains devil put dinosaurs here full album

Alice In Chains- The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

alice in chains devil put dinosaurs here full album

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Of course there are some notable exceptions, and Alice In Chains is one of them. Is this new record their meek equivalent to Flick of the Switch? Geez he almost sounds like Layne… not quite so nasal perhaps, but certainly similar enough to make the first few tracks a little unnerving until your ears and psyche adjust. Speaking of unnerving, the band have NOT held back on this release. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell handles most of the songwriting duties and it shows; there are some truly awesome riffs on this release.

While all the things you would expect from Alice in Chains -- sludgy guitars, haunting melodies, dark lyrics -- are on the disc, the band shows they can still put a fresh spin on their sound. Beginning with 'Voices,' the album's fourth track, the band begins to vary things up. The song, which features trademark harmonizing between Cantrell and William DuVall along with a more acoustic flare, is one of the album's standout cuts and seems destined for radio play. The epic cut also features a significant shift from the haunting opening into a more rocked out finale that includes a great Cantrell guitar solo and ends with Kinney's drumming really driving the track home. While Alice in Chains definitely does "dark" well, songs like 'Low Ceiling' and 'Breath on a Window' offer a catchier, faster-paced alternative and deliver the perfect change of pace needed mid-album. The disc also features such late record standouts as the more acoustic-guitar based and melody-filled 'Scalpel,' the metal-infused 'Phantom Limb' and the stellar mid-tempo closer 'Choke. All in all, 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' gives longtime Alice in Chains fans the harmonies, darkness and skilled instrumentation they've come to love on a disc that holds its own among the band's classic albums.

Naysayers condemned the idea, the very notion that the Seattle group could continue without deceased lead singer Layne Staley seeming sacrilegious in many ways.
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It's no real surprise that Alice in Chains are still around-- there's always money in the reunion rounds-- but it is a surprise that the band's latest album actually sounds like they're trying to move forward. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is more inventive than it needs to be, and less self-congratulatory than past efforts. Alice in Chains were one of the most successful grunge acts of the s, but they were also one of the most derided. As a band, they never possessed the metal chops of Soundgarden , or the arena-punk populism of Pearl Jam , or the self-torturing sound of Nirvana. As an influence on subsequent bands, they are arguably responsible for mook-metal acts like Puddle of Mudd, codifying self-absorption as a viable rock'n'roll stance. Despite its very s red jewel case and its trollable title, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is actually a solid mainstream rock album: more inventive than it needs to be, and less self-congratulatory in its intense introspection. In , this new line-up made the tortured-but-determined Black Gives Way to Blue , which lacked the desperation of a typical comeback record.

Similar, Alice posted on their website a random amount of letters which deciphered would reveal the records title. To the best of my knowledge, no fan guessed the correct title. Also Alice, to celebrate their 23 years in the music biz released their very own documentary titled AIC Do check it out. The track features an excellent solo from Cantrell leading into the songs bridge with the chorus section repeating. An excellent opener to the new record then and a suitably bleak tone set for the remainder of the album. There was also a proper video made for the track; however this reviewer much prefers the fan made one.

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