Curse of the golden flower full movie english subtitles

Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) LCFM Subtitle & Chinese Learning Package

curse of the golden flower full movie english subtitles

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Emperor Ping returns home with his son Prince Jai to celebrate a festival with the family. However, the reunion turns ugly when Jai realises that his mother is being poisoned by his father. What is the truth, and will Jai ever discover the truth behind the conflict between his parents? Read More. Toggle navigation. Home Movies Curse of the Golden Flower. Please login to access the content.

With each new martial-arts drama, the Chinese director Zhang Yimou widens the distance between his adult self and his dismal youth during the Cultural Revolution, pushing himself to ever greater heights of ambition and experimentation. Energy and excess of color, symbolism and emotion are his antidotes to memories of uniformity and repression. His extravagant stories celebrate unfettered artistic expression as if it were a gift his Western counterparts have long taken for granted. Zhang achieves a kind of operatic delirium, opening the floodgates of image and melodrama until the line between tragedy and black comedy is all but erased. Set in A.

The film was, however, nominated for Costume Design. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival , the Emperor ["King" in the Chinese version] Chow Yun-fat and the second of his three sons, Prince Jai Jay Chou , return from their military campaign to Nanjing so they can celebrate the holiday with their family. At the same time, Crown Prince Wan has been in an affair with Jiang Chan Li Man , daughter of the Imperial Doctor, and is keen on rejecting the throne so that he may run away with her. Prince Jai notices the declining health of his mother, and is confused by her sudden interest in chrysanthemums , the golden flowers. The Empress explains that the tea she drinks has been poisoned for some time by the Emperor, but that she is planning a rebellion to overthrow him. Prince Jai agrees to be the leader of the rebellion. The Empress hires a mysterious woman to discover the type of poison which she is suffering from, but the woman is captured by Crown Prince Wan and taken to the Emperor.

The Curse Of The Golden Flower [Full Asian Film / English Subtitles]

The Curse Of The Golden Flower

Cart 0. Film and DVD review inside For his latest epic drama he gathered two old school stars, Chow Yun-fat and Gong Li. Like in a game of chess one twist follows the other. The audience learns more about the backgrounds of the emperor, the empress and their three sons.

This film has not been rated by a club leader yet. Be the first to rate this film. Following House of Flying Daggers and Hero, this spectacular tale of love and warfare set in ancient China completes director Zhang Yimou's martial arts trilogy. The opulent Tang Dynasty is on its last legs: the Emperor is trying to poison the Empress, the Empress is plotting to overthrow the Emperor, and divided troops are lining up at the palace gates. As well as epic combat scenes, flying ninjas and dramatic intrigue there are stunning sets and dazzlingly colourful costumes to feast your eyes on.

Curse of the Golden Flower - Official Trailer (2006)

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