Shazam movie sinbad full movie

We Found Sinbad's SHAZAAM Genie Movie!

shazam movie sinbad full movie

The comedian on how he'd react if someone found proof that the s genie movie was real, and not just an example of The Mandela Effect.

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I remember our family renting the movie from Blockbuster in early , just months after seeing Aliens for Breakfast which also had the main character played.
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Posted on Monday, April 3rd, by Ethan Anderton. But when it comes to online jokes, College Humor may have taken the cake. Well, College Humor made them all honest by unearthing footage from this lost movie that never actually existed, featuring none other than the real Sinbad himself. The AV Club points out that while this could have easily been an obvious cash-in on a viral internet meme, the short is actually rather clever in what is included in the footage. You see, the existence of Shazam is considered to be part of what is called The Mandela Effect, a human tendency to create shared incorrect memories that feel real. You can go see 20 examples that might drive you crazy right here , and then rewatch the video to see if you notice any references to The Mandela Effect and some of the pieces of pop culture that have become associated with it.

You may remember a few months ago, there was a phenomenon where the internet was freaking out about an old 90s movie about some kids finding a genie played by 90s comedy icon, Sinbad called Shazaam! It was your standard fare for kids' movies of the era - a popular comedian playing a bombastic, magical character and getting into assorted hijinks with some kids. You probably have some vague memories of it just due to my description. But there was only one problem: many people contested that the movie didn't actually exist. How could this be? There were huge groups of people all over the internet who distinctly remember the film - outlets like Vox and Mashable contended it was simply 'The Mandela Effect' , a phenomenon where groups of people believe something false due to the fact that it sounds very plausible in their head. Most of these sites pointed to the similar sounding 90s kids' comedy, Kazaam , starring Shaquille O'Neal - which was also about a kid discovering a wacky genie.

If You Remember 'Shazaam,' The Movie That Doesn't Exist, You Aren't Alone

Valonda interviews Sinbad

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Anyone who has ever misplaced an item or gotten in a feud about what really happened at the last party they attended can affirm that sometimes our memories can be unreliable. Misremembering an event is by no means unheard of or uncommon, but what if it was not just you who misremembered that event. What if a whole bunch of people misremembered the same exact thing even if there is no evidence to support it? It is a comedic tale involving the genie and children who use their three wishes for domestic activities, often failing comically. What a marvelously cheesy ending! Some of you reading this might be nodding, recalling having watched this movie, and you are not alone.

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Click 'spoiler' after posting something to give it a spoiler tag! The post will then be hidden like this. Twas the butler! I remember our family renting the movie from Blockbuster in early , just months after seeing Aliens for Breakfast which also had the main character played by the comedian Sinbad. I first noticed the movie was 'missing' around when hearing Jonathan Brandis hung himself and wanting to watch it again.





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