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is jimmy stewart still alive

James Stewart (1908 1997)

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He was loaned to Columbia for two Frank Capra films that proved pivotal in his career, one of which was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington , which brought him his first Oscar nomination. His final acting assignment was to provide the voice of a character in the animated feature An American Tail: Fievel Goes Wes in One of film's most beloved actors, Jimmy Stewart made more than 80 films in his lifetime. He was known for his everyman quality, which made him both appealing and accessible to audiences. Stewart grew up in the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania, where his father operated a hardware store. Stewart got his first taste of performing during his time as a young man.

But it took a long time for the movie to gain that fame.
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Sign in. He was of Scottish, Ulster-Scots, and some English, descent. Stewart was educated at a local prep school, Mercersburg Academy, where he was a keen athlete football and track , musician singing and accordion playing , and sometime actor. In , he won a place at Princeton University, where he studied architecture with some success and became further involved with the performing arts as a musician and actor with the University Players. After graduation, engagements with the University Players took him around the northeastern United States, including a run on Broadway in But work dried up as the Great Depression deepened, and it was not until , when he followed his friend Henry Fonda to Hollywood, that things began to pick up.

Thanks for this perspective on the Stewarts. Nice to know how down to earth they were. He is my favorite movie star of all times. Rest in Peace, Jimmy. David Couch. Sure wish there were more actors around like Jimmy in Hollywood these days! He is truly an example that should be followed!

CNN -- Jimmy Stewart, one of the most beloved and esteemed actors in the history of film, died Wednesday at age 89, according to his longtime agent, Mort Viner. He died of cardiac arrest at his Beverly Hills home, a Daily Variety columnist said. In his life and his films Stewart upheld the values and ideals of the traditional American. A case in point was the film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," where he played a young senator exposing corruption.

Jimmy Stewart suffered such extreme PTSD after he lost 130 of his men as a fighter pilot

Jimmy Stewart & Gloria Stewart - TOGETHER - WAGNER ITC PARANORMAL

Jimmy Stewart, Legendary Actor, Dies at 89

It was the innate wholesome quality that allowed the actor and such directors as Capra, Hitchcock and Anthony Mann to play with the image and create more textured and deeper performances. I could see he was very uncomfortable and I asked him what was wrong. He said that though he could be a thousand characters on screen, the thing that got him unglued was having to be himself. Wasserman remembered Stewart being among the first draft call-ups, but Valenti believed the then year-old performer was an enlistee. When Jimmy came back, I asked him what on earth was he doing that they need to know such arcane things. While unquestionably a screen icon and a popular star, Stewart was ollcn typed as a personality performer by critics and not given his full due. The actor said that his trademark stammer resulted from a lifelong difficulty with memorizing scripts.

James Stewart, whose movie portrayals of decent, idealistic and naive small-town Americans made him a beloved national icon, died yesterday at his home in Beverly Hills, Calif. He was Stewart's performances in some 80 movies earned him every major award bestowed for his craft, and consistent acclaim and popularity for more than half a century. He was the last of that rare breed of male stars whose careers certified the star system as it operated virtually from the beginning of the sound era. Actors like Mr. Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, John Wayne and Henry Fonda were larger than life, and because the fusion of the performers' public and private personalities created something bigger than the sum of the two parts, something mythical.

Known for his distinctive drawl, down-to-earth persona, and authentic, everyman acting style, Stewart's film career spanned over 55 years and 80 films. With the strong morals he portrayed both on screen and in his personal life, Stewart epitomized the "American ideal" in the 20th-century United States. The characters he played spanned a wide range of subjects and appealed to large audiences. His emotional film performances contributed to his cinematic acclaim. He began his career portraying idyllic and moral characters and established himself as a movie star working with Frank Capra for You Can't Take It with You and then Mr. In he starred as George Bailey in the Capra Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life , the film for which he is mostly known, earning another Academy Award nomination. He expanded his acting roles during his later career to include more flawed and disillusioned characters in films by Alfred Hitchcock and Anthony Mann.


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