How early should i get to the airport

How Early Do You Really Need to Arrive at the Airport?

how early should i get to the airport

So what are the exact recommendations for how early you should get to the airport? A few key factors can help you hit that timing sweet spot.


What is truly the best strategy for getting to the airport for an on-time departure? We hunted down some expert advice to help resolve the age-old dispute between those who like to arrive early and those who like to arrive late. Lines were drawn, and divisions were forged. It is a sick obsession with minimizing my total travel time as much as possible. Oh, your time is more valuable than mine?

Even the most seasoned travelers have had their share of experiences sprinting to catch a plane or arriving too early and getting stuck in a terminal for hours on end.
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Want to start an argument? Tell your travel companion you won't be arriving two hours before your flight. This is the time of year when emptier airport terminals are making a lot of passengers question the conventional wisdom about check-in times. And no, this isn't a frivolous, first-world problem. Vacations have been ruined because of it. Marriages have ended.

The eternal dilemma: how early should I be at the airport? Is it better to go early and risk getting bored waiting too long for your flight or go later and risk missing it? This is the most stressful question when preparing to leave for the airport. It all boils down to several factors. This article will help you determine the best time to go to the airport depending on the details of your trip. This is the best scenario possible, meaning the one where you have very few steps to go through at the airport. If you're in this situation, arriving 45min prior to your flight should be enough.

How Early Should You Get to the Airport?

How early should you really arrive for your flight?

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    There have always been two distinct types of fliers: those who arrive hours before their flight and those who cut arrival times as close to takeoff as possible.

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