Why does one side of my nose get stuffy

Why Do I Get Congested at Night?

why does one side of my nose get stuffy

LATERA Animation for Patients with Nasal Congestion

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Jean Kim, M. Are you blaming your stuffy nose on seasonal allergies or a cold? Nasal polyps are benign noncancerous growths that may form inside nasal passages and sinuses the spaces behind your nose and cheeks. Rhinosinusitis can be related to many different factors from allergens to upper respiratory tract infections and even secondhand smoke. In some people, these contaminants trigger an abnormal immune response that leads to excessive swelling of the nasal lining in the form of nasal polyps.

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Being stuffed up sucks. Ever wonder why it seems like one nostril feels way more clogged than the other? Credit a physiological response called the nasal cycle, a process where your nostrils take turns sucking in more air, says Rachel Roditi, M. Structures in both sides of your nose called inferior turbinates are responsible for warming and humidifying air before it reaches your lungs, says Dr. This protects your lungs by reducing dryness and irritation.

Why Does Your Nose Get Stuffy One Nostril at a Time?

Could nasal polyps be the cause of your stuffy nose?

A stuffy nose can be annoying. Your nose drips. You sound funny when you talk. And just when you want to blow your nose to finally breathe again, nothing comes out. Many people think a stuffy nose is the result of too much mucus in the nasal passages. However, a clogged nose is actually caused by inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses. These irritated vessels are usually triggered by a cold , the flu , allergies , or a sinus infection.

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Here's The Frustrating Reason Only One Side of Your Nose Gets Blocked at a Time which is the same system that controls many things your body does the day, and is only brought to your attention if your nose is clogged.
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Because your nostrils split their workload. Throughout the day, they each take breaks in a process of alternating congestion and decongestion called the nasal cycle. One, it makes our sense of smell more complete. Different scent molecules degrade at different rates, and our scent receptors pick up on them accordingly. Some smells are easier to detect and process in a fast-moving airstream like the decongested nostril, while others are better detected in the slower airstream of the congested nostril. Nasal cycling also seems to keep the nose maintained for its function as an air filter and humidifier.


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