Trader joes cotton candy grapes

PSA: Cotton Candy Grapes Have Been Spotted Back on Shelves at Trader Joes

trader joes cotton candy grapes

Don't Have a Costco Membership Trader Joe's Has Cotton Candy Gr apes, Too!

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The taste of cotton candy paired with the texture of a grape might not be for everyone, but if you are one of the many people intrigued by this flavorful marvel or just want to trick your friends or impress the children in your life , you'll be pleased to know that cotton candy grapes have hit Trader Joe's to kickstart summer, as reported by Delish. Yep, you can now enjoy the slimy center of a grape but have it taste like something that should be light and fluffy, if you're a Trader Joe's shopper. Delish points to an Instagram account, realhousewifeofsanjose, that posted a photo of the grapes along with a caption that notes how they really do taste like cotton candy and how they're a " traderjoesfind. What a blessing, I got the last box!! How do they do it?! A small price to pay for being able to say to everyone in your life, "Have you tried cotton candy grapes?

A post shared by traderjoesfl on Mar 4, at pm PST. If you haven't done so already, go ahead and assemble your tag team for your next trip to Trader Joe's , because cotton candy grapes are officially back on shelves , and we'd hate for you to miss out on this golden opportunity to snag some. Cotton candy grapes are seedless green grapes that taste exactly like the hand-spun sugar clouds you used to eat at carnivals as a kid. They're a hybrid version of different grape vines and they're normally only sold during the Summer months, between August and September. For the past few years, they've been a huge hit in grocery stores like Trader Joe's, Costco, Whole Foods, and Wegmans.

Grapes that taste like cotton candy? Could it be true? A post shared by traderjoesfl on Mar 4, at pm PST. Meanwhile, this Instagram post from a local open-air market in Portland, Oregon, explains how cotton candy grapes are the result of selective plant breeding. Cotton candy grapes are a natural hybrid of two grapes, with other genes mixed in. These super sweet grapes are available for a limited time each year so we are savoring every bite! They seem to be just about everywhere.

King Soopers. Times Supermarket. Pacific Coast Fruit Company. Yokes Fresh Market. The Fresh Market.

Whoever has been praying to the fruit gods, your prayers have been answered. The Instagram account traderjoesfl yes, there are entire fan accounts dedicated to the grocery store. Costco was also selling the candy-flavored grapes last summer, and it appears they are still available in certain areas on Instacart. Divine Flavor, another company who distributes Cotton Candy Grapes, also noted in an Instagram post comment last year that their grapes are sold at stores like Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, and Sprouts. Cotton Candy Grapes have been on shelves since about but their growing season, and thus their availability, is limited. Availability, shmavailability: does the grape live up to its name? While they look like your run-of-the-mill green grape, the name is all in the flavor.

Cotton Candy Grape Watch: Which Stores Have Them Now








  1. Steven O. says:

    Mar 6, Cotton candy-flavored grapes have been spotted in some Trader Joe's locations already.

  2. Snd1001 says:

    Jun 24, Cotton candy grapes are seedless bite-sized morsels that taste fruit's return was shared by mega-popular Instagram account Trader Joe's List.

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