Most hated game of thrones character

15 Most Hated Characters from Game of Thrones

most hated game of thrones character

Top 10 HATED Game of Thrones Characters


In order to celebrate this fact or lament it , everybody's been getting themselves all good and ready for the show's final season by recalling their favourite episodes, favourite characters, and favourite times that Joffrey ruined everybody's life. What about all the lads that you genuinely cannot stand to have on your television screen lest they do something vaguely mean and unnecessary to a character you like? Well, luckily for us the guys over at musicMagpie have crunched the numbers the tweets, even and presented a comprehensive list of the GoT characters that audiences hate the most. The most hated characters were established by the percentage of angry tweets sent concerning each character. The most loved characters, however, are where things get a bit interesting - most notably because Tormund grabs the number one spot here which seems fake but OK. The above was established by considering which characters were making audiences the happiest, while the most popular characters were revealed by simply counting the sheer number of tweets about each character. Click play to listen below

There are some characters we love and admire, some that we hate and love at the same time, and some that we love to hate. The most hated GOT characters are the scumbags, sociopaths, cowards, liars, or awfully evil ones responsible for the death of a fan-favorite character. Here we take a look at the most hated GOT characters in the world of Westeros. The ranking is subjective, so your list might be different from mine. You can let me know in the comments below. House Bolton has been flaying people for centuries.

Part of the reason that Game of Thrones has been so successful is because of the characters that the fans love to hate, meaning those who make terrible people but outstanding characters for narrative purposes. However, there are also plenty of Game of Thrones characters who are flat-out terrible with no redeeming purposes to them whatsoever, thus resulting in fan hate of similar intensity if perhaps not similar nature. Whatever the case, the series is filled with characters who have received more than a little bit of ire for various reasons, meaning that it can be interesting to go through them. Robert Arryn is someone who has both nature and nurture stacked against him. Unfortunately, while there are clear reasons why Robert Arryn is the way that he is, that does not stop a fair number of fans to regard him with more than a little bit of loathing, particularly since his actions have caused a fair amount of trouble for better-liked characters. One excellent example is the whole Moon Door business, which was one of the closest times that Tyrion has ever come to death in the series.

The most hated Game of Thrones characters are despised for a number of reasons. Some were responsible for the death of a fan-favorite GoT character or two.
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HBO's fantasy series has proven time and time again that good men don't even finish last Take a look at literally any episode from the past five seasons, and you'll find this to be depressingly true. But it was the season five finale that really drove this point home, when spoiler alert! He was killed for doing the right thing. So in lieu of Westeros dealing out justice to all the terrible people who keep doing awful things to good people, we decided it's high time for us to play judge, jury and executioner on all the most-hated characters still left standing after the bloody and brutal season five. Ranked from tolerable to totally evil, here's all the people who so need to die next season on Game of Thrones :. Okay, so we don't want this hottie assassin to actually die next season.

Joffrey Baratheon HBO. This one is probably the most obvious of the bunch. Ramsay Snow HBO. His main role: to gleefully torture the life out of poor Theon Greyjoy. Those who are faint of heart may have found themselves looking away as Snow peeled away fingernails and severed appendages, changing Greyjoy so profoundly that he completely remade his personality. And all this is without even mentioning the sexual abuse of his newlywed wife, Sansa, in Season 5.

The most hated Game of Thrones characters of all time have been revealed

The most hated Game of Thrones characters are despised for a number of reasons. Some were responsible for the death of a fan- favorite GoT character or two.,


The 20 Most Hated Game of Thrones Characters Ever








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