How to crack iit jee in first attempt

#CareerBytes: Tips to crack JEE exam in your first attempt

how to crack iit jee in first attempt

Having very strong fundamentals over right concepts is the most basic required thing to clear the examination with ease to get great marks for.

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The JEE Main exam is believed to be one of the toughest examinations as it requires deep conceptual knowledge of class 11 th and 12 th. Arch courses. You can read the following 5 tips that experts and past alumni have confirmed as best tips to crack JEE Main in the first attempt. Firstly, you need to sit back and think about why you want to appear for the exam. Establish your goal and the ultimate outcome. Make yourself relax for a day or two before you actually begin with the preparation journey. Take a notebook and write down your aim at the end.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Pixabay. The first attempt of JEE Main will be conducted from January 6 to 20, while the other one will be held in April in 8 different slots out of which candidates can choose one. If you are appearing for JEE Main in January, here are some preparation tips that will help you tilt the result in your favour. Before starting the preparation for the entrance exam ensure that you are aware about all the changes that have been introduced by the authorities. The syllabus of JEE Main will carry the topics and units from where the questions will be asked during the entrance examination. You can also segregate the topics or units that need to be given more focus in comparison to others. Apart from syllabus, study the JEE Main exam pattern.

How to prepare for IIT-JEE Main 2019

At the time of writing this article it's June, This article is intended for students who, for whatever reason, have not already been studying for months, but who want to score high enough on the JEE Main to be selected for the JEE Advanced and also want to get a good rank in JEE Advanced. - Alright, so you went a step ahead and also sacrificed Facebook and Whatsapp.

First attempt for JEE Main? Must read this article to crack the exam

The first is in January and the second one is in April. You can provide each the exams and your best score are thought-about for rankings and admission. Whatever you score in the exam, there will be a choice to expand your imprints. You can improve your ideas and practice more inquiries, online tests, and again endeavor JEE Main in April. For more information about JEE Exams contact as now. View all posts by edventure. Your email address will not be published.

Students aiming for admissions to IITs this year have to appear for JEE Main , which is the most competitive engineering entrance exam. Hre we have attached a video whetre we have discussed the few most importnat points from this article on which students should focused. Tips to crack JEE Main in the first attempt . Syllabus students must be aware of the syllabus for the engineering entrance exam as the question paper is based completely on the syllabus only, so students must check latest and updated syllabus. Study Material Suitable study material for preparation of examination is really important because of right study material for JEE preparation. Moreover, understanding theory helps in solving numerical questions easily. Understanding of basic concepts Before, starting to solve the questions for JEE preparation, make sure you know all the relevant basic concepts.

But only a few of them get their seat in IITs. An admission in IIT requires a lot of hard work and smart planning. You need to use your time as much as you can and also make a proper study plan. Cracking IIT has always been possible with proper time management only. You need to give each subject proper time and prepare a focused a study schedule. You also need to set long and short term goals to get expertise in every subject.

88% cracked IIT-JEE (Advanced) in their first attempt this year





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