How to see word count in google docs

How to check the word count in a Google Doc

how to see word count in google docs

How To Check Word Count In Google docs

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Google Docs can display the word and character count for an entire document or a selected section. Word count serves as one way to measure the length of a document. For example, many professional marketing or product papers are between 2, and 6, words. Blog post lengths vary, yet often end up somewhere between and 1, words. Workshop descriptions and speaker biographies for conferences often must be no more than or so words. Here's how to obtain the word count for an entire Google Doc, or for a selected section of text, in your browser, or in the Google Doc apps for Android and iOS.

Regardless of whether you're a student or a professional, you may often need to stick to a word limit when writing up an essay, report, or article. This guide explains how to check word count on Google Docs , covering how to check directly in the app, and how to check using a browser extension. It also explores how Google Docs' word count can differ from the counts of other apps. Checking your Google Docs word count is simple. Here's how to do it using the word count shortcut:. It's as simple as that. However, you can also check word count on Google Docs by using the toolbar rather than a keyboard shortcut.

How to check word count on Google Docs

How to Check Word Count in Google Docs?

Word Count in Google Docs

Use word count. Open a document. At the top of the page, click Tools. Click Word count to see the number of: Pages; Words; Characters; Characters excluding.
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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The first thing you want to do is fire up Google Docs and open the document for which you want to get the count. The word count window pops up and shows you a list of different counts related to your document, including the number of pages, words, characters, and characters excluding spaces. The Word Count window shows much of the same info for the selection, but also shows how much of the total document that selection makes up. For example, you can see in the image below that the text we selected takes up 1 out of our 13 total pages and out of our total words.




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