How to tie a hook on a fishing line video

Fishing Tip | How to tie the palomar knot (and double palomar knot)

how to tie a hook on a fishing line video

Fishing knots for hooks, lure and swivels - How to tie a fishing knot - How to tie a fishing hook

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Want more instruction? View video below on how to tie the palomar knot! Stick with us for the N1 Outdoors N1 Minute. Hey everyone. We need to get this end — the double end — through the eye of the hook. But, we slip that through the eye of the hook… it should look like this. We can just take this line and thread it through the eye of the hook.

Join different types or thickness of fishing line. Used to attach the fishing line to the arbor or spool center. Strong loop for double-line leader and loop-to-loop join. Strong double-line leader and for loop-to-loop connections. One of the best knots for joining two lines of similar size.

Below we went out and found the best video on the web for each of the above knots just in case you wanted to get a bit more in depth with that knot. Ok so the loop knot in the video above is not the same knot as the loop knot shown below, but we figured you should probably take a look at this type of loop knot as well. Advantages of this loop knot is that loop gives your hook more leadway which can lead to more action for your lure or even live bait. Ok, hope you enjoyed the loop knot from Salt Strong fishing above. However, the loop knot that the video at the top was talking about is more about the concept that if you create a loop, this concept can be used to make a number types of rigs, however this knot is most often used in a chicken rig by using a dropper knot. The improved clinch knot is probably one of the most popular knots to attach a hook simply because it is super easy to tie.

many people called it the Fisherman's knot because every angler knew how to tie it, and it was often the first knot they learned to attach a fishing line to a hook.
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With over 60 Fishing Knots NetKnots has the most extensive fishing knot library on the internet. The knots are both animated and illustrated as well as described in detail to help you tie the the right knot correctly. The fishing knots are grouped by their respective categories - line to line knots , loop knots , and terminal tackle connections plus miscellaneous knots that don't quite fit one of the main categories. We also have put some knots into groups such as beginner fishing knots , fly fishing knots , saltwater fishing knots and tenkara knots. Chose the category below to find the right knot for your fishing needs.

Fishing knots are a critical link between you and the fish. Educating yourself with how to tie various types of knots can be very helpful in the long run. Certain knots, such as the snell knot, are better suited for certain applications. So, what is the snell knot and why is it an important knot to have in your arsenal? The snell knot was very popular back in the day when hooks did not have an eye with a hole in it that you can pass a line through. These hooks are only able to be tied to a line by using the snell knot, which does not require an opening in the eye of the hook. Instead, the line is wrapped around the shank of the hook, forming a tightly coiled knot.

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Tying a fishing knot is an important and essential skill of fishing. The knot is a critical link between you and the fish; it is critical to your fishing success to know how to tie knots correctly as well as which knot to use in which scenario. The below are links to videos and tips on the most important fishing knots. One of the most popular knots, the Palomar Knot is strong and relatively easy to tie. The Palomar knot is best for use with braided fishing line. Dependable knot for tying monofilament to terminal tackle.

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