Brian griffins house of payne

Family Guy S08E15 - Brian Griffin's House of Payne

brian griffins house of payne

Brian Griffins House of Payne Part 05

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Stewie flies a spaceship and engages a huge number of enemy forces, which he handily defeats. Then he encounters a space station shaped like Peter's head and attacks in a similar way to Luke's attack of the Death Star in Star Wars. The entire sequence is Computer-generated imagery CGI with the exception of Stewie and Rupert who look like their usual selves, and the sequence is revealed to be Stewie's imagination. Stewie rams a toy spaceship into Peter's ear, annoying him, so Peter throws Stewie's bear, Rupert, into the basement. Stewie follows the bear and discovers an old script that Brian had written entitled " What I Learned on Jefferson Street ", but has since completely forgotten. Later that day during lunch, Stewie tosses the script onto the kitchen table, prompting Lois to question what it is about. Explaining that she may like the script, Brian suggests she read it, and tell him what she thinks of the pilot.

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Brian Griffin's House of Payne

It originally aired on Fox in the United States on March 28, The episode features Brian after he discovers an old script he had written that Stewie found in the basement, and subsequently pitches the show to television executives. The show is quickly and dramatically altered by the executives and James Woods , however, much to Brian's frustration, who nevertheless attempts to adapt to the new format. Meanwhile, Chris and Meg attempt to hide the fact that Stewie is unconscious, after they accidentally bump him down a flight of stairs. The episode was written by Spencer Porter and directed by Jerry Langford. It received mixed reviews from critics for its storyline and many cultural references. According to Nielsen ratings , it was viewed in 7.

Family Guy. Three big name guest stars still can't carry this story. It's been a while since Family Guy had this many big name guest stars in one episode. Sounds like it would make for an awesome story, right? This episode opened with a nicely done space battle intro in 3D.




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    Brian Griffin's House of Payne Brian writes a television pilot, but it gets sabotaged by James Woods. Season: 8 Episode: Total Episode Count: Prod. no.

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