Murder mountain season 1 episode 4

The Alderpoint 8

murder mountain season 1 episode 4


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Sign in. See the list. Title: The Alderpoint 8 14 Oct As the story of their exploits spreads beyond Murder Mountain, the Alderpoint 8 are seen as heroes by some and targets by others. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

An ugly rot at the heart of Humboldt County as the missing bodies continue to rise in a community mired in conspiracy, secrets and murder. Welcome to the Californian cannabis trade. This 6 episode documentary is an interesting, surprising and oftentimes unnerving look at the extent of corruption and danger cannabis farming breeds with an absorbing murder mystery at its core for good measure. Most of the episodes follow a conventional pattern, with three distinct subplots woven throughout. All three of these stories play into the overall narrative around the drug trade itself, with interviews from locals, private investigators and law enforcement helping to give a rounded view to proceedings.

I always become fascinated by stories involving obscure counties in the USA. Well, this county is a community shrouded with tragedy on a daily basis; a place known for people to go missing in a heartbeat. The opening episode opens up the story of Garret Rodriguez, a young aspiring surfer, with a promised location on the beach, who decides he wants to make a quick buck by working on Murder Mountain; a place where young adults visit in the hope of making their life savings by becoming a trimmer. The series makes a strong effort to remain on the fence while tackling the subject matter. In summary, the mountains are a mix of legal and illegal operations, and the number of people that go missing cannot be a coincidence. One of the people interviewed believe young adults arrive in the mountains to disappear, and make their problems dissipate, but others have theories that there is a serial killer on the loose.

Murder Mountain proved to be an intriguing watch with Netflix viewers when the first season landed on the streaming service last year. Based in Humboldt County, California, USA , the six-part docu-series follows the disappearance and murder of year-old Garret Rodriguez and explores how the county, where marijuana is legal, traded, and distributed nationwide, has become synonymous with crime. Murder Mountain show bosses are yet to announce whether or not there will be a second season of the docu-series. Netflix dropped all six episodes of the first season at once, while US TV channel Fusion aired each helping on a weekly basis. The first series of Murder Mountain dropped on Netflix more than three months after the season aired on Fusion.

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Murder Mountain Netflix Documentary Series Review

Murder Mountain is an American true crime documentary television series that premiered on Netflix on December 28, Murder Mountain has received mostly positive reviews. Murder Mountain is an eye-opening watch". Officials in the Humboldt County area criticized the series and expressed worry over the potential long-term effects on local tourism and economic development. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American true crime docu-series on Netflix. Retrieved

Sign in. As the story of their exploits spreads beyond Murder Mountain, the Alderpoint 8 are seen as heroes by some and targets by others. Investigators get a lead into Garret's disappearance. Residents of Murder Mountain take the law into their own hands. A grower has growing pains. Garret's father visits Humboldt to thank one of his heroes. Law enforcement goes after illegal growers.

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