Catfish the tv show season 7 episode 28

WATCH: #Catfish: The TV Show season 7 ep 28 ‘Deven & James’ [full ep]

catfish the tv show season 7 episode 28

Not So Slick - Catfish: The TV Show - MTV

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Sign in. Watch now. James won't videochat yet he invites Deven to fly across the country to meet him. Hopeful for love but prepared for a trap, Deven needs answers. Start your free trial.

A reality series examining the relationships of couples who met online and have never seen each other face-to-face.
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They've supposedly fallen in love -- but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time? Season 7, Ep Browse more videos. Playing next. Cukka Cuka. Ayana Samuel. Catfishing tips for the Secret 7 ….

Spoilers ahead for Catfish Season 7, Episode It all started with one swipe to the right. That's how many Catfish situations tend to begin these days, and Deven and Sha'quan from Catfish are no exception. As chronicled in the Jan. Deven lived outside of Phoenix, Arizona, and "James" you can guess where this is going lived in California. Deven absolutely couldn't get enough of "James," which scared him — especially because refused to FaceTime or even share a phone call with him.

Catfish - Deven & James Synopsis and Schedule

Catfish S.7 E.26 "Aubri et Brian"








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