Dc super hero girls season 3 episode 22

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dc super hero girls season 3 episode 22

Watch Dc Super Hero Girls: crushingit misgivingtree from Season 3 at TVGuide. com.

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Sign in. Leslie Willis, the meanest girl in school, becomes a social media sensation by posting mean-spirited videos on her MetropoVids channel, causing Wonder Woman to question the moral integrity of the Having just moved to the boring Metropolis suburbs, Batgirl is thrilled when she intercepts a call from Batman asking for help. But before she can stop a visiting Gotham villain, she'll have to sneak But when she uses an ancient artifact from her dad's collection to place a curse on Diana, it turns out that Diana's not the

Consumer Products and DC Entertainment that launched in the third quarter of At Super Hero High School, well-known DC heroes, both male and female, attend challenging classes and deal with all the awkwardness of growing up with the added stress of having unique superpowers. The franchise was announced in April The range is to include books from Random House , Lego tie-ins and action figures from Mattel. The website was launched in early July

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Shiva practices karate chops on a target, just as Harley does a somersault over the high-bar. Katana then slices a nearby dummy with her blade, just as Harley announces that it was Big Barda's turn. Barda approaches the wooden target and after quick inspection, smashes it with her Mega-rod, going on to destroy the high-bars and the training dummy, before Coach Wildcat tells her the class was advanced martial arts, with Barda then saying that art was never her thing. Wildcat then tells Katana to work with Barda, before ordering the other students to the sparring mat. Barda then thanks Katana for working with her, but expresses that she didn't need any martial arts.


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DC Super Hero Girls






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    Teenage superheroes navigate the perils of high school together.

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