Best episodes of greys anatomy

‘Grey’s Anatomy': 14 Best Episodes for Show’s 14th Season (Photos)

best episodes of greys anatomy

Sep 26, Grey's Anatomy is about to embark on its landmark 15th season, meaning audiences have spent a decade-and-a-half immersed in medical.

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On the one hand, many fans are still loyal to the long-running drama and will watch until the very end Regardless of how we feel about the hospital drama that is now in its 15th season, we can all agree that there have been some stellar storylines and gasp-worthy moments throughout the years. Of course, there have been a few misses in terms of episodes as well. In a perfect TV world, a show's pilot is perfection. It explains the characters, the setting, the tone, and previews any major romantic storylines, tension, and conflict. This is when Meredith and Derek meet at a bar, spend the night together, and then learn that she's an intern and he's a doctor at the same hospital. It's enough drama to make viewers want to tune in for more.

Choose me. Love me. On a macro level, this is the episode that featured one of several large-scale disasters a train crash, duh. It hurts so good, Shonda! This was a polarizing episode, with Meredith fighting for her life post-near-ferry-drowning and experiencing some wild side effects of her mini coma. In short, she sees the afterlife, kind of. As a season finale, this was chock-a-block full of plot.

Warning: The following article may contain spoliers if you aren't caught up on the show. For some reason, when I watch that show, I feel so intelligent and knowlegable. Into a Train: Season 2, Episode 6 This episode was a complete train wreck Now or Never: Season 5, Episode 24 This was the hardest episode for me. This was the day that I lost my ! No one saw it coming. As a bonus, we got to see Ellis Grey and Richard Webber when they were just starting out too.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those of us who have cried at Grey's Anatomy , and those of us who are liars. Of course, some episodes over the show's season run are more brutal on your heart strings than others, but there are also episodes of Grey's that will make you cry simply because you're so happy. Basically, when you're watching this show, plan for your emotions to be all over the place. One of the reasons this show can get you straight in the feelings is the fact that showrunner Shonda Rhimes has never been afraid to go there, with "there" being the place where series regulars are killed off and life at our favorite TV hospital is changed forever. Saying goodbye to a character on Grey's Anatomy is like saying goodbye to an old friend, and some of the storylines featured on the show just hit way too close to home.

The Most Powerful Episode from Each Season of 'Grey's Anatomy' (PHOTOS)

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors. Cristina and Meredith's surgical skills are put to the ultimate test. This episode is the second part of a two-hour season finale. Richard tries to get information from Addison about a family member's condition. Callie and George have a talk about his feelings. Meredith and Derek have a talk about Doc. In the second part of the two hour season finale, George delivers stunning news to Bailey, sending shockwaves throughout the hospital, and Izzie's friends anxiously await her recovery from surgery.

This fall, Grey's Anatomy kicks off its 10th season — which will include its momentous th episode — and TVGuide. Through the death George! Check out a countdown of our top 25 episodes below:. After the cast performs songs — no jazz hands, thankfully! Why it was a game-changer: The musical episode may not have been everyone's favorite, but Rhimes, decided to take a risk similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer , one of her favorite series, and try something new. Not only that, but it lead to Callie and Arizona's wedding, which — while not the first lesbian nuptials on broadcast television — was certainly a momentous occasion.

Well, Grey-Sloan Memorial fans, the long wait is finally almost over. To get ready, we rounded up our 14 favorite episodes. - It premiered in spring of , with a warm welcome but gradually turned into a phenomenon.



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