Dragon ball characters strongest to weakest


dragon ball characters strongest to weakest

The 25 Most Powerful Dragon Ball Super Characters

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These fights have stuck with us because of the awesome characters, warriors of great strength, power and skill that we watch grow stronger. How strong are they exactly? Well, while the power scale has shifted up and down quite a bit as the franchise has evolved, there is a definitive answer to this question. But first, a few rules. Lastly, our ranking will be based on the character at their peak strength. Sorry Tien fans, this three-eyed crane-school warrior ranks in at the bottom of our list.

As both Goku and the Dragon Ball series continued to mature and evolve, they saw a number of new concepts become increasingly important. What started as a unique sign of accomplishment slowly started to become increasingly more commonplace and even expected by the time Dragon Ball Super rolls around. Throughout the years, the Dragon Ball series experiments with the concept of Super Saiyans in creative ways, for both better and for worse. This means that there are many different tiers of Super Saiyan out there and plenty of people that can tap into that power. Why do some characters prefer certain transformations over others? Why can some Saiyans skip transformation stages?

The newest saga in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super , carries on where Dragon Ball Z left off, introducing fighters with ludicrously high power-levels that have the capability to destroy entire planets and even universes. However, for every deity that has the power of a God, there is always another fighter that has the power-level of a bowl of wet noodles. You know the power levels in Dragon Ball have grown in absurdity when Goku sits at the bottom of this list. He may have a power level stronger than average humans, but Yajirobe would much rather pick up a fork and knife than his samurai sword any day. In fact, Yajirobe is notorious for being a coward, hiding behind rocks and ducking for cover until the dust settles from ensuing battles.

Dragon Ball is a franchise all about strong and powerful characters battling to become the best. With so many shows, movies, and games you can expect some truly powerful combatants. Which means that this list is going to be filled with characters from Dragon Ball Super since it is the most recent show. We are going to consider movie characters, except for one. To avoid potential spoilers we decided to leave this off the list.


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When it comes down to ranking anything, there will always be some slight controversy. Each one of us has our own logic and reasoning for why we list things a certain way. Not everyone is going to agree with a ranking, unless there is a definitive one as stated within the canon of the source material. I have been mulling over this ranking of the Saiyans from Dragon Ball from weakest to strongest for a while. While almost everyone will probably agree with the top ranking Saiyans, when it comes down to everyone else, the situation becomes more complicated. Do I include fusion characters, like Vegito and Gogeta? Should I also include non-canon characters into this official ranking?



As Dragon Ball carries on and more characters are introduced, it can be difficult to determine who is stronger than who. Here is our official.
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