Women in white at the state of the union

How the Women of the House Flipped the State of the Union Script

women in white at the state of the union

Feb 5, A sea of Democratic women in white was meant to draw attention to the growing ranks of women in Congress.

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A record women are currently serving in Congress, including 47 women of color. The majority of those women are Democrats, and 21 are Republicans. Most of those women are in the U. House, after 36 new women were elected in November, joining 66 female incumbents who were re-elected. There are now women serving in the House the largest number in U. In response, many of the women in white stood and cheered, raising their hands and high-fiving one another in apparent celebration of their own new jobs in Congress. Women who were active in the temperance movement against alcohol in the late 19th century often wore a white ribbon bow.

Feb 5, It was impossible to miss the women lawmakers of the Democratic Party as President Trump delivered the State of the Union Tuesday.
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For anyone who has ever thought that the use of clothing as a political tool was frivolous or overstated, or groaned at yet another piece insisting that a woman in a white pantsuit was making a statement, there was no better riposte than the State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota paired her white jumpsuit with a blue head scarf and red shirt a statement of patriotism as clear as the Trump-Pence red-tie-blue-tie-white-shirt twofer , and many, many white jackets and suits, including on Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House. It was in front of him, when he looked out upon the room, and in back, as Ms. Pelosi wielded her gavel. But knowing it was planned and seeing the effects were not the same thing. As a piece of political theater, the white was strikingly effective. On a night when the role of the audience in the chamber was to listen and, maybe, stand and applaud or sit and look disappointed , the women still managed to make themselves heard.

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Donald Trump, midway through his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, did a rare thing: He applied his habit of rhetorical excess to someone other than himself. First a few of them, then several, and finally all of them, an eddy of brightness within a sea of dark suits, the women cheering, clapping, laughing, and pointing to themselves as job-fillersreveling in the irony that their presence in the Congressional chamber was one thing a boast-prone president really could claim credit for: Many of the women , indeed, had ended up in their new jobs precisely as a reaction to the presidency and policies of Donald Trump. It was that most unexpected of moments in a State of the Union event that was otherwise dully divisive: unscripted, human, fun. The rote inertias of party politics colliding with the brief delights of, simply, a party. But the scene that erupted in the House chamber on Tuesday was also a moment of reclamation. The speech often hosts a series of uncomfortable collisionsbetween empowerment and exploitation, between people highlighted as fellow citizens and people used as props. The Democratic women of the House, their outfits all but demanding attention and comment, effectively weaponized those tensions: Knowing the power of the imageunderstanding the capabilities of the strategic spectaclethey essentially objectified themselves.

Why so many women wore white to the State of the Union address

Women invited to wear white to Trump's State of the Union address

Behind him, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat in a white suit jacket and blouse. Before him, a block of female lawmakers donned a range of white outfits and visibly unimpressed expressions. Even his daughter Tiffany was pictured in white, with social media speculating that the choice may have been more than a coincidence. President Trump's State of the Union address was flooded with the color white. The bold statement, initiated by the House Democratic Women's Working Group , saw dozens of lawmakers coordinate their attire as a show of solidarity among women. Democrats taking part included newly-elected Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who wore a white vest and trousers paired with a blue hijab and red shirt.

Trump had said. Trump told the nation, prompting the women to rise from their seats, pointing at themselves and nearly dancing. The president was taken aback. Trump went on. Pelosi stood up and stretched her arms toward the audience, as they cheered again in celebration of the record women who now serve in the House and the Senate. Perhaps no group has been more critical of Mr.




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