The president is missing book review

The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson review – a presidential thriller

the president is missing book review

The President Is Missing Book Review (Not Really)

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James Patterson is an advertising executive turned author who has achieved an industrial rate of production m-plus copies sold , often by using co-writers, but getting a former president on the ticket is his greatest publicity coup yet. The role of the protagonist inevitably prompts the reader to engage in a game of ticks and crosses, noting overlaps between Duncan and Clinton. The fictional president is a former governor of a southern state tick , shares a middle name with a great US leader Lincoln rather than Jefferson: tick , has an intelligent and impressive daughter tick , and faces impeachment proceedings that he insists are a conspiracy by opponents tick. However, Duncan is also a former war hero cross and a widower possibly making Hillary cross , two attributes that would have spared Clinton from being attacked as a draft-dodging adulterer. The report of special prosecutor Kenneth Starr into the Lewinsky business revealed that Clinton once gave his Secret Service detail the slip by removing a shoe that contained a GPS tracker; that moment of security truancy may have informed the titular premise of The President Is Missing , which is unusual among US political thrillers in including few scenes at the White House and none at Camp David. Unable to trust even his closest aides, Duncan, like Henry V before Agincourt, first secretes himself among his people, and then, like King Lear, sets up a hidden power base in the wilds. But there are other divides — over religion, immigration, sexual identity.

Duncan is facing possible impeachment for allegedly having a telephone conversation with Cindoruk and striking some kind of deal after letting him escape during a special forces attack. Did he? And why? All becomes tediously clear soon enough. Duncan is a stoic boy scout.

The President Is Missing book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. President Bill Clinton and bestselling novelist James P.
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During this perambulation, he somewhat loftily observes the books his fellow passengers are reading and thus is able to boost his increasingly wobbly amour propre. Partly this had to do with its self-important cover, on which we find gold embossed letters and a stirring image of the White House at night; you can just picture it splayed open across the soft belly of some knackered executive as he sleeps in his club-class bed, having taken one too many champagne refills with his wagyu steak. Mostly, though, it seemed to me simply to be a better, more appropriate title than The President Is Missing. This novel is indeed missing several things, including a believable plot and even the remotest sense of narrative tension. The president, however, is not one of them. OK, so he briefly slips out of the White House minus his Secret Service detail, the better that he might meet an actress friend who will give him distracting new eyebrows to match the beard he has grown in record time so very manly, this particular leader of the western world.

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The book opens with a charged scene in which President Jonathan Duncan is participating in a mock hearing to prepare for a congressional inquiry investigating the botched attempt to capture a terrorist. When the president loses his temper, he vindicates the advisers who have cautioned him not to appear before the actual committee. After kissing the photo, he enters the subterranean tunnels beneath the White House, emerges in an underground Treasury Department parking garage, gets behind the wheel of a sedan and drives himself first to the apartment of an old friend — who helps him with a disguise — and then to a Capitol Hill bar to meet his daughter.

The President Is Missing

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A military counterattack he ordered has resulted in the death of a CIA operative, and his decision-making is in question. The real trouble is yet to come. In case there was any doubt, this book is one for the politicos and wonks out there, as you would expect any book co-authored by Bill Clinton to be. In The President Is Missing , President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan is fending off possible impeachment and the spectre of an imminent terrorist cyberattack when, through his daughter, a message is conveyed indicating the presence of a traitor among his close confidantes. Unable to rely on those closest to him, President Duncan sets off alone to prevent an attack from a virulent computer virus with the power to wipe out electronic devices across the United States. A few politicized issues do come up in the form of various asides, but once the plot gets underway, any semblance of political leanings gives way to the bigger plot at hand.

The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson – review

It is Clinton's first novel. A television adaptation is being developed by Showtime. It has been discovered that the president made a phone call to Suliman Cindoruk, the leader of the cyberterrorist group Sons of Jihad, and he is accused of negotiating with a terrorist. It was also discovered that the president ordered an attack to stop some Ukrainian operatives in Algeria who were attempting to kill Suliman. The president's aides advise him against testifying at the hearing, believing it will only lead to impeachment proceedings. Duncan has had immune thrombocytopenia —a disease causing low platelet count—for most of his political career, and the disorder has recently flared up again recently, forcing him to take steroids that impair his mental ability.



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