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Scranton Strangler

was toby the scranton strangler

The Scranton Strangler began as a C-plot line in The Office, but quickly became food for fan theories that questioned if one of Dunder.

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Chances are, if you're finding current conversation on The Office which stopped airing on NBC in it has something to do with one of the show's deeper plot lines. The Scranton Strangler may have never been intended to become a huge conversation. But dedicated fans have taken it upon themselves to introduce two theories. Creed is one of the older employees in the comical office, who has a word document blog and a curious lifestyle. Toby is the HR rep, who comes in and out of the series often much to the disdain of Michael Scott, Dunder Mifflin's regional manager.

Over the course of nine seasons, viewers were asked to feel sorry for Toby as we see how much he hates his job, hear about his horrible divorce, and shrink in second-hand embarrassment or outright revulsion as he tries, very poorly, to express his feelings for Pam Beesly. More damning is the O. Simpson-inspired episode where the office watches Scranton police chase down the Strangler and where Toby, again, is absent. The coincidences continue to accumulate. Toby defenders will point out that the HR sadsack actually served on the jury that tried the Strangler.

To celebrate the birth of Cecilia Halpert , Andy purchases a commemorative copy of the day's newspaper. Unfortunately, the headline for the day she was born is "Scranton strangler strikes again. Jim Halpert says he does not want the strangler to come for him because then he could not prank Dwight anymore. Dwight then screams out of rage and tries to call the strangler to strangle Jim Halpert. Creed Bratton then demonstrates how he would protect himself if the strangler came for him strangles him back.

There's An Alarming Amount Of Evidence That Toby Is The Real Scranton Strangler



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    At first, you may find yourself laughing at such a concept, but as the evidence piles higher, you'll find yourself having second thoughts.

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