The ceremonial song shrine quest

How to complete the Ancient Rito Song shrine quest in Breath of the Wild

the ceremonial song shrine quest

Found in the Lanayru region, it involves The Ceremonial Song quest. If you need help finding and solving other Shrines, our Shrine location.

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You'll need to solve a riddle to beat this shrine quest and open the Bareeda Naag shrine. Here's how it's done. If you haven't got the quest yet, find Bedoli in Rito Village. She sings you the first half of a song, which you'll need to repeat to Bedoli's sister Laissa, who you can find in a hut nearby. Now you know the full song: "The pride of the Rito, pillar in the sky, its heart lights up when the sun is high, the heart shines upon a path not whole, but a warming flame can stir its soul. Looking south, you should see a heart-shaped hole in the shadow cast by Rito Village.

View guide index. Once inside the Shrine, you will only have to climb the steps and interact with the Altar to complete it picture3. Video of the Dagah Keek Shrine:. Home Solutions About. Dagah Keek Shrine. Follow the Sheikah Slate.

Successful completion of this shrine quest reveals the hidden Dagah Keek Shrine in the Lanayru region.
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Searching for the Ceremonial Trident in Breath of the Wild? If this is in order to complete the Ceremonial Song sidequest, please note that the Lightscale Trident will also work in order to complete it. But if you still want to find the Ceremonial Trident in Breath of the Wild , read on. Then climb on top of your pillar and use Magnesis to pull the Ceremonial Trident up. You can swim up the waterfall in your Zora armor, or you can just create a Cryonis pillar and climb on top of that to avoid killing yourself as your next act. You need to perform a paraglide into an attack, not a fall into an attack, in order to unlock the shrine.

Breath of the Wild: Ceremonial Song

This shrine is directly to the north of Lanayru Tower, on a plateau overlooking the road that runs alongside Zora River. Look out for the spinning attack, the spinning laser attack, and the lethal charged laser attacks.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Playthrough: The Ceremonial Song, Dagah Keek Shrine

To begin this Shrine Quest, talk to Laruta. She's the red Zora girl in front of Mipha's memorial. Ask her about the song, and she'll sing it. Now, talk to Trello near the western exit of Zora's Domain. He says that he dropped the trident used in the Mipha memorial ceremony. You need this trident for this Shrine Quest.




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    Warp to Zora's Domain, by way of the Ne'ez Yohma shrine. To begin the quest, you need to find Laruta, a young Zora girl who's hanging out in.

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    The Ceremonial Song is one of the 42 Shrine Quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Successful completion of this shrine quest.

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    Dagah Keek is one of the many shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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