Collie rescue of the carolinas

North Carolina Collie Rescue

collie rescue of the carolinas

To receive the CRC rate of $ per night with no pet fee the reservation must be made by 9/15/ Call ask for La Quinta Raleigh Cary and our .

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Dove the international soccer star! She is being a most gracious and fun host this weekend with family members. I guess I will need to buy a soccer ball for her now! He was laying in the tall grass near the greenway and two kids saw our flier and flagged someone down with a phone! We are so thank Thank you all so much! Bear is a very friendly dog and does respond to his name.

Everyone is invited to the Collie Rescue Reunion on November 1, If you have rescued a collie, have a collie, help with collie rescue or want to meet collies, you are invited. NC 62, Burlington, NC Phone numbers you may need are and Directions from the Charlotte and Raleigh areas will be at the bottom. If additional directions are needed please contact us. We are a little short on hotels that will allow dogs and here is the list I found.

I am tall girl at about four years old and 62 pounds. So far I have been to the groomer and to the vet for a check over. I know my basic commands, housetrained and ride good in the car. Working on the leash walking and getting the hang of that. Housetrained, pretty good on the leash and know my basic commands. A very loving kind of guy that will stay by your side. I get along fine with the other dogs but no cats for me.

If you have rescued a collie, have a collie or would like to participate all are welcome. We would need to know how many people and as well as dogs that will be coming. There will be water buckets placed around the farm also. Bring a chair for yourself to take a rest from the many activities. Please bring a side dish or your favorite dessert to add to the food table.

So many folks have demonstrated their fondness and heartfelt desire to see the orphaned dogs receive care and new homes. When we left we already had membership support for fostering or re-homing 8 of the dogs and while in travel status received four other offers to re-home the collies. Therefore within our relatively small association we had nearly every one of the dogs spoken for. Once we got there we felt it was then our job to assess and evaluate the animals so that we could match them according to needs of the homes and the animals. Indeed it is why we did not show up at the farm with numerous kennels and other resources to just pick up and go with the dogs. Within the first day of working with the local staff it became apparent that they were back peddling about releasing the dogs to the OTSCA. Some of what ensued appears to have been driven by the philosophy of the local Humane Society and animal control folks.

Carolina Border Collie Rescue

Adopt Collie Dogs in North Carolina

Enrichment - Encourage Border Collie owner involvement in dog sports through public demonstrations and events. Assistance - Provide foster care and rehabilitation to endangered Border Collies. Carolina Border Collie Rescue CBCR is a non-profit c 3 organization that was established in by a group of dedicated volunteers to provide rescue, education, and counseling to prevent the mistreatment and neglect of border collies in the Carolinas. Through the support of many dedicated volunteers and generous supporters, CBCR has become a successful and well-known all-volunteer, foster-home based rescue group. We have over 50 active volunteer members and utilize their talents to place an average of dogs annually in new, permanent and loving homes. Many of the dogs we rescue were abandoned at a shelter, found as a stray or relinquished to us by their owners.



Adopt Border Collie Dogs in North Carolina






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