Feng shui rituals in moving to a new house

Moving House Superstitions: How To Bring Good Luck To Your New Home

feng shui rituals in moving to a new house

9 Feng Shui Tips for House Hunting

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Societies and diverse cultures around the world celebrate the moving into a new house one way or another. Some celebrate with a house warming on the same day, some prefer a quiet dinner with the family at the local restaurant in the neighborhood, some prefer to post dozens of pictures on social media to share their joy with friends. But Chinese customs have some very unique practices for moving into a new home. And it can be fun too. For clarity, the definition of move in day refers to the first day that you start living in the house as your residence.

Moving into a new home often means a new beginning. We all want a fresh start and happy beginnings, even though most of the time, we tend to resist letting go of the old. One the most important decisions to make when moving to a new house is selecting a suitable auspicious date and time that is according to The Chinese Almanac. Birth dates of the family members may need to be taken into consideration, with priority given to the birth data of the head of the family. It is customary for the Chinese to carry auspicious items when they first step into the new house.

Here are some feng shui tips when moving to a new house. Choose an There are many tips to help you with your feng shui moving into a new house ritual.
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Ever since your friends, colleagues, and neighbors learned of your forthcoming relocation, they have been wishing you good luck , there is no doubt about it. So, are you happy to hear them, firmly convinced that heartfelt wishes may actually bring you good fortune? Or, are you a bit scared that too much well-wishing may not be a good omen? Even if you are the kind of person who prefers to make your own luck, you may still want to consider some good luck rituals when moving into a new house. After all, who would turn down an added blessing or a chance to dispel negative energy?

Feng Shui rituals for a new house

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Moving House Feng Shui

The act of moving is a key event in life, and it's also a key event in Feng Shui. It symbolises the start of a brand new cycle, with opportunities It symbolises the start of a brand new cycle, with opportunities for growth and new possibility. Read more: Feng Shui basics for your home. First and foremost, choose the right moving date and time. Both play an important role in the cycles of luck and fortune for the resident. An easy way to identify the right date and time is by referring to the annual Chinese Almanac Calendar.

A new home means a new chapter. Moving is also a key event in feng shui, as it is symbolic of a new cycle and the opportunities for growth up ahead. The same is said about moving to new house, as there is no change more significant than actually relocating to a new environment altogether. While seemingly complex, feng shui rituals for moving to a new house are actually easy to do, and a few basics can help you achieve the right balance for your new home. As most feng shui experts would agree, it is not just about how you move to a new home, but when.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that strives to harmonize people with their environments through the use of energy. Feng shui principles have been used in architecture to help determine the placement and orientation of a structure and is used to determine the placement of elements with in building such as furniture, plants and sculptures., Moving into a new home can be a truly exciting experience.





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