2015 toyota corolla tire size p195 65r15 l le eco

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2015 toyota corolla tire size p195 65r15 l le eco

Not sure what Versions/Options are for your TOYOTA COROLLA? See your vehicle's versions/options below: Version/Option. Tire Size. L /65R15 ∑ LE.

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In our most recent testing of winter traction for all-season tires, the TrueContact solidly earned first place honors. Drivers of vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, Chevrolet Impala, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla have found this to be a perfect choice for their year-round driving needs. Simply amazing!. These have lowered my blood pressure significantly. Put the Hankook Optimo H on your list for consideration. It is currently ranked number 1 in our Standard Touring All-Season consumer survey results. It's offered in 24 different sizes from to inch, all in a T-speed rating.

Throughout the year we experience different seasons and changes in temperature which in turn affect our vehicle. To make sure your vehicle has the proper inflation level, check your tire pressure every now then or make sure to watch if your tires look a little low. If you have a Toyota Corolla however, you can find your recommended tire pressure here with Colonial Toyota. The chart below shows the manufacturer suggested tire pressure for each available tire size option of the Toyota Corolla. To find what size your tire is, check the tire wall. Tires with the correct pressure levels help the tires to wear more evenly, extending the life of your tires. Low tire pressure leads to erratic wear of the tires and potentially a blowout.

Heads up! Highlighted items are for OEM wheels, the rest are replacement options. The market is the region where the car was sold or is still being sold. Found a bug? Have a question about Toyota Corolla wheel specs? Share your knowledge!

Last Updated on October 1, Are all tires made equally? There is no singular answer, or one-tire-fits all solution to finding the best tires for your Toyota Corolla. Many top tires are available on Amazon. Then simply make an appointment with a nearby tire installer. Mounting new tires to wheels is a bit tricky and we recommend leaving it to a properly trained technician. One of the reasons Michelin is one of the leaders in the industry and have been for over years is their commitment to research and development.

10 Best Tires for Your Toyota Corolla

Warranty coverage is subject to other terms and conditions. - Explore commercial truck, aviation, off-road and other types of Goodyear tires. Search by DOT number to quickly and easily find information on recalls.

Find tire sizes for each Toyota Corolla option. Toyota Corolla L ∑ /65R15 ∑ Toyota Corolla LE ∑ /55R16 ∑ Toyota Corolla LE Eco. 1.
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