Can you watch hbo live on hbo now

HBO Now vs. HBO Go: What's the difference?

can you watch hbo live on hbo now

Streaming Game of Thrones on HBO NOW. The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones ended on May 19, You can stream any episode of Game of.

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Officially unveiled on March 9 and launched on April 7, [1] the service allows subscribers on-demand access to HBO's library of original programs, films and other content on personal computers , smartphones , tablet devices and digital media players. Unlike HBO Go , HBO's online video on demand service for existing subscribers of the linear television channel, HBO Now is available as a standalone service and does not require a television subscription to use, targeting cord cutters who use competing services such as Netflix and Hulu. On October 15, , following a trial of a similar service in Nordic Europe , HBO announced plans to launch an online, subscription video on demand service in the United States in This new service would be geared towards cord cutters consumers who primarily use online video services to view television programs rather than subscribe to cable or satellite television and would not have to be purchased as part of a television subscription, therefore also making it a competitor to services such as Netflix. The network was previously working on a new platform codenamed "Maui"; however HBO, especially after major outages of HBO Go that occurred during several recent season premieres of high-profile HBO series, felt that outsourcing the service to a third-party would bring lower risk to the project. Otto Berkes stepped down as the company's Chief Technical Officer following this move. Time Warner stated that at least 2, titles would be available upon the service's launch.

HBO is one of the original premium cable channels. In addition to a roster of movies that are updated regularly, HBO is also well known for highly rated television shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld. If you do have a subscription, then you can automatically gain access to HBO GO on your computer and a wide variety of other devices. That includes all of the movies and original television shows that HBO is so well known for. One of the biggest problems for cord cutters is that there are so many services, including cable replacements like Sling TV and general streaming services like Netflix , that it's pretty easy to end up paying as much, or even more, for streaming services than you would for cable. Subscribing to these single channel streaming services can get very expensive, but if you're really interested in the shows and movies HBO NOW has to offer, then it's still worth it. The websites are exactly the same, aside from the logo, and the apps are also the same.

To find out when new episodes will premiere on HBO, go to and search to the app store on your device and see if there's an update for the HBO NOW app. HBO's live shows and events require time to be prepared for HBO NOW.
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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The series broke piracy records because HBO once made it so difficult to watch online, requiring a cable TV subscription. This article focuses on solutions for people in the USA. This subscription gives you access to the HBO Now applications on a wide variety of platforms. Heck, if you wait a week before watching the first episode and snag seven-day trial before paying for a month, you can watch the entire season for just the cost of one month. That makes this a poor choice if you want to watch along with everyone else.

Can I watch live events on HBO Now?

Getting started is easy. Free trial is for new customers only. Cancel anytime.

HBO Go vs. HBO Now: Which streaming service is right for you?

To find out when new episodes will be available, go to HBO. Actual times will vary. Most pre-recorded shows are available on HBO GO within minutes of the broadcast start time, though new content may take up to an hour to become available across all devices. Such content is normally available within 24 hours of the original broadcast. Episodes that are part of an HBO reality series are not available when they premiere on TV see the list of shows above. Some movies and shows are only available for a limited time due to agreements with programming providers.

You must cancel before the end of the trial to avoid charges. Sign in with the email and password you used to establish your account and start watching. You can watch live or on demand later. The services are fairly similar. You can stream live episodes with both too. Your episode live stream will likely start about three minutes before everyone else. In other words, the episode might begin at p.

So which one's best for you? Looking for more details? Here's the longer answer. To use it you'll need to sign in to the app or "authenticate" using the user name and password provided by your cable, satellite or live TV service. To watch, you can sign in to the HBO Now app or go to hbonow. You'll use a dedicated username and password, there's a free trial and you can cancel anytime no contract.

HBO Now Demo

HBO GO vs. HBO NOW: What's the Difference?

HBO fans have it great these days. The good news is, they have a lot more in common than you might think. The monthly rate for HBO varies between providers and plans, and sometimes special offers will further reduce the price. Some providers offer HBO access to internet-only customers, who can then access the content online. In this regard, HBO Go is the more complicated of the two.



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