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nate adams yo kai watch

Anime Voice Comparison- Nathan Adams (Yo-Kai Watch)

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Fuu 2 is actually the Yo-kai form of Nate. Fuu 2 is a light-blue Yo-kai with Nate's hair in its top and face, it also has a star-shaped hole in its body, similar to the star on Nate's human form's shirt. His tail is curved into the shape of a '2', playing upon his name. He has a body shape similar to Whisper , looking like a ghost. Fuu 2's personality is identical to Nate's as he is very average in terms of Yo-kai and seems repentant when his power lands Yuto an average grade. Fuu 2 has the power to make someone extremely average in all aspects. The hole in his chest can display memories that are "average", presumably meaning unfiltered by emotions or personal conceptions.

He appears in Yo-kai Watch 2 and Yo-kai Watch: The Movie as Nate's late grandfather before his grandson travels 60 years back in time to meet his younger self. Nathaniel has the ability to see Yo-kai via a crystal or a crafted Yo-kai Watch Model Zero in the games , and fights various Wicked Yo-kai who inspirit others out of nowhere. He is also a fan of Moximous Mask , and considers the fictitious character to be his role model. You can help Yo-kai Watch Wiki by expanding it. Prior to the series, Nathaniel found a crystal marble along the riverside of his hometown, Harrisville.

Nathan "Nate" Adams (Japanese: ???? Amano Keta) is one of the main characters in the Yo-kai Watch series. He appears in almost all Yo-kai.
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After being called "average" by his friends, he continues his bug search. Then, he finds the Crank-a-kai and inserts a coin to free Whisper from his capsule. Whisper gives Nate the Yo-kai Watch and introduces him to the world of Yo-kai. In episode 5, Jibanyan moves in and cause mischief for Nate's parents. However, an exorcist attempt to send him and Whisper to heaven made him change his behavior, and he is now, like Whisper, Nate's roommate. However, they have problems with a long line and how to use the watch properly.

Lily Adams

Nathaniel Adams

Nathan is a fair-skinned young boy with big black eyes and dark brown hair worn with three large spikes resembling cowlicks. A small amount of hair sticks down at his neck. He wears a red shirt with white rim on each sleeve and collar, matching the star at his chest. On his arm is a blue and white design. His denim jeans are light grey and worn with a brown belt, while his boots resemble a pair of white shoes accent by blue and red. He wears his Yo-Kai Watch on his left wrist. Nathan is a fun kid but tends to come off as comedic.


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