Can you watch blu ray on xbox 360

How to watch Blu-ray movies with Xbox 360?

can you watch blu ray on xbox 360

Xbox 360 Blu-ray?

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But the cost is very high. If I tell you there is a way to play Blu-ray disc on Xbox without buying a Blu-ray drive, are you willing to try? If the answer is yes, keep reading. The former two come from Microsoft, the latter two come from Sony. A few years ago, most of us use DVD to storage our games, but now, the Blu-ray disc changes the style of playing games, it provides us a better visual enjoyment.

Summary: Does Xbox play Blu-ray? Xbox itself cannot play Blu-rays but you convert Blu-rays to Xbox supported format for playback. Read the article to check the details. Xbox was a seventh generation video game console that was released back in the But does Xbox play Blu-ray? Xbox sold nearly 84 million units in just 9 years. So there are chances that you may be having a working unit of Xbox with you at present.

What happens when you put a Blu-ray disc into Xbox ? Nothing happens. It will just show "Open Tray". Xbox can play DVD disc, watch streaming video, but it does not support playing Blu-ray disc. In spite of that, do not give up your desire to watch high-quality Blu-ray movie on Xbox , you still have another possible solution to solve it. Good news that this post will show you the most useful and reliable method to play Blu-ray movie on Xbox

We dedicate to providing trusted solutions for users with the freedom to simply enjoy music, photos, videos and more. Can Xbox One play Blu-ray disc? That's a good question. Microsoft doesn't offer a native Blu-ray player application in either Xbox One or console, so it's easy to ignore the need to Blu-ray playback. Actually, it all depends on the type of Xbox console you have.

The Xbox is not only a good game console, but also a great media player. With the rising popularity of Blu-ray, you may have a large collection of Blu-ray Discs and want to use your Xbox console to play it. Yes, there is. We can convert the Blu-ray disc to the hard drive, then play it on the Xbox. And this article will show you the way to convert Blu-ray movies and play it with Xbox Insert the Blu-ray movie disc into the drive, then download and install the software above.

How to Play Blu-ray Movie on Xbox 360






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    The Xbox is not only a game console, but also a media player that allows you watching movies on your HDTV.

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