Pole shift effects on humans

Polar Opposites: What Would Happen To Us If The North Pole Suddenly Became The South?

pole shift effects on humans

Planetary Poles and Magnetic Fields - Sixty Symbols

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In a nutshell, the core of the Earth is basically a giant magnet, and every few hundreds of thousands of years the South Pole becomes the North Pole and vice versa. This flip does not mean that the planet necessarily turns topsy-turvy, but rather that the invisible magnetic field surrounding Earth changes direction, causing your compass to point south rather than north. The pole change will have the biggest effect on our power grids and communication systems , but researchers predict that the human body may experience some of the effects of the reverse as well. Some will be harmless and amazing such as the aurora borealis being visible in Hawaii and Venezuela rather than the Arctic and Alaska, as reported by The Huffington Post. Others will be slightly less pleasant. As the poles slowly flip, the magnetic field begins to progressively lose its strength.

The answer might scare you, but it's vital to understand the effects of our planets weakening magnetic force fields. Magnetic pole shifts are not exactly new to history. These poles serve as a compass for humans and animals alike.
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December 7, As Earth's magnetic shield fails, so do its satellites. First, our communications satellites in the highest orbits go down. Next, astronauts in low-Earth orbit can no longer phone home. And finally, cosmic rays start to bombard every human on Earth. This is a possibility that we may start to face not in the next million years, not in the next thousand, but in the next hundred. If Earth's magnetic field were to decay significantly, it could collapse altogether and flip polarity — changing magnetic north to south and vice versa.

Earth's Magnetic Poles May Flip, And The Effects Could Be Deadly

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All The Crazy Things That Could Happen When Earth's Magnetic Poles Reverse

What are the pole shift effects on humans? In addition to these natural disasters, there will be also social unrest due to the loss of jobs and devaluation of the local currency. If you are serious about prepping in case of a pole shift there are some ways to save your electronic devices, my personal recommendation is to get a Faraday bag which will protect your devices from solar flares and electromagnetic pulses Click here to check price on Amazon. Humanity has already witnessed a few of these events during different stages of our human evolution. The last magnetic pole reversal happened around thousand years ago, and as one of these events occur usually once every thousand years we can expect a magnetic pole reversal scenario anytime. While scientists are not exactly sure what causes a magnetic pole reversal most agree that its main cause could be the molten iron core in the center of the planet.

The circle of life and the circle around our home planet go hand in hand in many ways. That circle is known as a magnetic force field, or a magnetosphere. Without it, there could not be life on Earth. Throughout history, flipping magnetic poles have caused unfathomable turmoil to the world. Negative effects of magnetic shifting range from unlivable weather to blackouts and extinction.

A full reversal could happen in 2, years, according to scientists. For the past 20 million years, the pattern of pole reversals take place every , to , years. The last time a full reversal took place was approximately , years ago based on paleomagnetic research. We are aware of the north and south geographic poles of the Earth. Magnetic fields originate from magnetic dipoles, which are swirling magnetic currents of molten iron located deep in the Earth's core. The fields extend more than 10 Earth radii, or

Scientists scramble to keep up with earth's changing magnetic North Pole

Does the Earth's magnetic field affect human health?

A team of researchers used volcanic records to study Earth's last magnetic-field reversal , which occurred about , years ago. They found that this flip may have taken much longer than researchers previously thought, the scientists reported in a new study. Earth's magnetic field has flipped dozens of times in the past 2. Scientists know the last reversal took place during the Stone Age, but they have little information about the duration of this phenomenon and when the next "flip" might occur. In the new study, the researchers relied on flow sequences of lava that erupted close to or during the last reversal, to measure its duration.

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All rights reserved. Earth, as seen by the Apollo 17 crew during their mission to the moon in This flight marked the first time an Apollo trajectory made it possible to photograph the southern polar ice cap. That is, until this week, when a book excerpt describing the phenomenon appeared online. Shortly afterward, numerous websites began trumpeting the doomsday around the corner, a geomagnetic apocalypse in which tumors run rampant, satellites fall from the sky, and life on Earth will cease to exist as we know it.

Although the current Pole Shift on Earth has been spoken of many times before, I do not The effects of the Pole Shift on the Human Psyche.
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Although the current Pole Shift on Earth has been spoken of many times before, I do not believe the full magnitude of the effects have been truly hoisted on board. Also how this current one, combines with abrupt climate change, and Gaia's 5D shift , to create the 'perfect 3D storm' scenario. We must understand how it is increasingly not only affecting the precious biosphere in which we live, but also the electro magnetic affects on the bodymind, and how it impacts our psyche. Not only does this activate earthquakes and volcanos , but begins to unleash dramatic storms, and most important of all, lowers the earth's magnetic shield to solar and cosmic radiation. Combined with abrupt, irreversible climate change, that's now unfolding across the earth, let's be clear, we are stepping forwards into a maelstrom of transformational activity. It's clear to me, whether intentional or not, it's the perfect cleansing conditions by which Gaia will release the old karmic construct, which is so plaguing her. As we said in the movie, "let's not sleep walk into the future".




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