Races too close to call

Midterm races nationwide that are still too close to call

races too close to call

Some Aldermanic Races Still Too Close To Call

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Come back after Thanksgiving for fresh articles about the still-developing Mississippi U. Senate runoff and California 21st District. Our original write-ups on those races can be found in the footnotes. Everyone has voted, the results are in and we know who will control the Senate and the House but several races remain unresolved. We warned you this might happen. As of p. Senate and two for the U.

This file was updated on Nov. Election Day is over, but as the week drew to a close there were still races whose outcomes were too close to call. As election workers count provisional and absentee ballots, and in some cases prepare for recounts, it could be weeks before some results are known. Here is a look at the state of play in some of the races that have yet to be decided. Senate seat were within that margin.

Anticipation over several high-stakes midterm elections across America will carry into the following daysand perhaps weeksin a handful of states where tight races have gone into overtime. Some of the most closely watched midterm elections races in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Arizona were too close to call as of Wednesday afternoon. Those races could head to a recount or runoff, in which candidates are forced to face each other at the polls again. In Mississippi, Senate candidates have advanced to a runoff, while U. Bill Nelson, who is seeking re-election in Florida, has called for a recount in his close bid against Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

While the news cycle makes it feel like it was 12 lifetimes ago, the polls closed on the midterm elections just three days ago. The elections were so recent, in fact, that the results are still trickling in for tight races in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. There are also at least 10 House seats still to be filled, including five in California. Final result: closer to 40 than Largest Dem gain since Watergate. By Melissa Locker 1 minute Read. Here are the Senate and Governor races that are still undecided: In the U.

According to the New York Times , Florida officials announced Saturday that with the elections for senator, governor and agriculture commissioner deemed too close to call, that mandatory machine recounts are in order. Rick Scott, whose sizable lead has evaporated to less than 13, votes as ballots continue to be tallied, has cried foul. The target of his ire, Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes, is under fire for not only admitting to tabulating roughly a dozen rejected ballots, but failing to confirm if she has finished counting them all. As such, three statewide races are legally required to go to a recount since they remain under a 0. The order to initiate the recount is expected this afternoon from Secretary of State Ken Detzner, an appointee of Mr.

Many High-Stakes Midterm Elections Are Still Too Close to Call. Heres What You Need to Know

VIDEO: Latest election numbers released, 3 AZ races too close to call

Were Tracking The Unresolved Midterm Races

The showdown between Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott was still too close to call. Nelson, who was first elected to the Senate in , declined to concede the election and his campaign said it was preparing for a recount. On Wednesday afternoon, Scott had a lead of less than one half of 1 percent.





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