Modern combat 2 black pegasus

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

modern combat 2 black pegasus

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus - Now available on the Android Market!


Much fun has been made of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus for so closely mirroring another well-known shooter series, but with gameplay this good it's hard to see how that's a bad thing. Great graphics are just the beginning - Gameloft's sequel puts forth an action-packed single-player campaign backed by tight controls and phenomenal multiplayer that establish a new high for iPhone and iPod touch. While there remains room for improvement, particularly with regard to the overly scripted campaign, this is one hard-hitting shooter you can't be without. What makes Modern Combat 2 great is its commitment to dishing out the action. There's a noble attempt at storytelling in the campaign, but it quickly devolves into a hunt for terrorists with the details drowned out by the din of gunfire. A dozen missions have you shooting terrorists across a live minefield in the jungles of South America, manning a turret atop a tank in the streets of a war-torn Middle Eastern city, slashing an enemy with a combat knife after having just sniped his back up from a nearby balcony. And that's just the first act.

As is often the case with Gameloft's releases, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD is somewhat reminiscent of an existing console title with a similar name. But you won't hear us complaining, because this is the best first-person shooter available on the App Store. Players expecting an experience on the same level as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be disappointed. Clearly a game that fits into MB will come up short somewhere, but although shortcuts have, necessarily, been taken, it's amazing just how complete an experience Black Pegasus delivers. Criticisms are few, but it would be remiss not to point out the occasionally poor enemy AI, the uninspiring scripting and the patchy difficulty.

It is a sequel to 's Modern Combat: Sandstorm , and features new environments, updated graphics and more robust multiplayer. A sequel was released in , titled Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. The gameplay in Black Pegasus is quite similar to that of its predecessor, and also similar to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , as players travel through various environments, such as a snowy mountain and a jungle. There are three controllable characters in the game; Lieutenant "Chief" Warrens the protagonist from Sandstorm , Sergeant Anderson, and Private Newman, who are members of Delta, Razor, and Mustang Squads, respectively. The game is controlled using virtual buttons on-screen; a virtual control stick on the left of the screen is used for movement, while aiming is achieved by swiping on the touchscreen. Gyroscopic controls are featured on the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod Touch.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is a stylish first-person shooter for Android which takes you to the heart of war in a variety of locations around the world. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is highly playable and the single-player missions are many and varied. There's a real sense of tension in the game, something that all great war video games should have. The single player game is long enough to take you a few hours to complete, but once that's done Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is far from finished. That's because Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus has a capable online mode in which you get to take part in battles with others from around the world. Multiplayer only works over WiFi at the moment, but at least this means you're guaranteed a half decent connection, helping to cut out lag. On your feet, soldier.

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Modern Combat 2

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