Seeking sister wives season 2

Seeking Sister Wife

seeking sister wives season 2

TLC has officially announced a casting call for Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. While Season 2 imploded with several bombshells, the biggest.

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Following the dramatic tell-all, Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife is officially wrapping and one question remains—who is returning for Season 3? TLC officially released a casting call for the upcoming season but has not confirmed which families will be making their return to the show. During the tell-all April 14 episode, many of the couples had quite the bombshell ending and it wouldn't be surprising if their stories were renewed for another season. While it may have seemed that the Snowdens found their happily ever after in sister wife Vanessa Cobbs, the former actress revealed via Instagram that she had decided to "part ways" with the couple after some "soul searching. I love Ashley, Dimitri, and the children so much, and will continue to do so always," Cobbs wrote.

Cobbs announced her decision on Instagram writing, "I was ignoring my inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them". I was ignoring my inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them in the capacity that they need me to. I wish Ashley, Dimitri, and the children nothing but love and happiness, and I know they wish me the same. On the TLC show, which follows four polygamist families as they try to find and then introduce a new wife into their homes, viewers watched as Dimitri, Ashley, their three kids and Vanessa attempted to become one family. When Dimitri met Vanessa, he and Ashley were not legally married but saw themselves as husband and wife. Quickly into the new romance, the couple invited Vanessa to live with them in California and Dimitri later proposed. Vanessa, Dimitri and Ashley then tied the knot and their spiritual ceremony aired on the season finale.

Sign in. The two-time Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo has an awards-worthy list of must-see shows. See if you're caught up on his picks. Watch now. Title: Seeking Sister Wife —. Kody Brown, with his four wives Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine and their combined 17 children, attempt to navigate life as a "normal" family in a society that shuns their lifestyle.

She gathered a lot of supportive fans, especially as she seemed a caring sort of person. In fact, her daughter, also seen on the show came across as a pleasant young woman as well. Brandy and Vanessa both experienced some disappointment in their desire to become sister wives. Vanessa married Dimitri Snowden but rocked viewers when she left them and went to Australia. Both of the lovely women worked a place into the hearts of their fans who really want them back. Posting up a throwback photo brought up the subject again.

I was ignoring my inner guidance which was telling me that I do not belong with them in the capacity that they need me to. Sometimes their long-established dynamic is not aligned with your own personal growth and path forward. I still believe that polygamy can be, and is, a beautiful thing. Love who you want and love out loud and proud. Before the three parted ways, Fox News caught up with the Snowdens and Cobbs to talk about their decision to lead a plural lifestyle.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Brandy Reaffirms No Return To A New Season

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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Will the Snowden Family Return for Season 3?

While Season 2 imploded with several bombshells, the biggest one centered around the Snowden family. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden were sophomores on the show, failing to find love in Season 1 with their prospective sister wife, Jocelyn. Season 2 brought Vanessa Cobbs into frame, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Not only did the Washington-native put up with strange rituals and a series of awkward moments, but she eventually married Dimitri and Ashley in a beachfront ceremony. Their journey, while not a storybook romance was sweet in its own way. Well, that is until Cobbs announced that she had flown the coop and was officially living in Australia with her sister.



'Seeking Sister Wife’s' Vanessa Cobbs reveals she's 'decided to part ways' with the Snowden family







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