Dallas arboretum 12 days of christmas

Listen: Dallas Arboretum ’12 Days of Christmas’ holiday playlist

dallas arboretum 12 days of christmas

Holiday at the Arboretum features the magnificent The 12 Days of Christmas outdoor exhibit, as well as , lights throughout the garden at night, trimming.

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This is the last week of August Dollar Days, now through August Celebrate the holidays like never before with this centerpiece exhibit featuring an elaborate collection of foot Victorian style gazebos filled with the charming costumed characters, whimsical animals and music made famous by the beloved Christmas carol. Each gazebo will be encased in glass and extravagantly decorated on all sides to provide a dramatic, three-dimensional experience, and will feature mechanical parts and festive music that will assist in bringing the characters to an even more life-like state. Enjoy the. The Pear Tree has gold branches sprinkled with rhinestones, green mirrored leaves, and gold, rhinestone encrusted pears. The tree revolves with the partridge in it. The Two Turtle Doves cuddles on an arrow that pierces a heart-shaped cage suspended from the roof of the gazebo.

It takes over 20, hours of labor to build them. For the most part, the gazebos get larger and larger as you progress through the garden to accommodate the number of gifts inside. Cheerful holiday music plays lots of Rat Pack — my favorite! Fifty-five mannequins all with a hand-painted face and their own unique personality were created for the exhibit. One of my favorite gazebos is the Partridge in a Pear Tree, which apparently I was so enchanted by I completely forgot to take a picture of! The tree is gorgeous and I now want to hang glass pears all over my own tree. The six geese are set in a snowy winter forest complete with snowflakes and red cardinals.

This is the last week of August Dollar Days, now through August The village houses vary in size, and the heights range between 16 to 19 feet.
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Took our grandson and we were delighted as always at how well done the Arboretum accomplishes its goal! No matter what the season, it is a wonderful place to visit and linger! It is family oriented as children are welcomed in their own new "Childrens Garden" with activities to enjoy. Highly recommend a trip there! This place is magical all throughout the year. So much to see for all ages every season. All ages will enjoy the activities and scenery.

Each December, the holiday spirit takes over the garden with the Arboretum's popular 12 Days of Christmas exhibit. Each of the 25' gazebos, scattered throughout the garden, beautifully displays and bring to life each of the themes of the traditional English song. A "About four years ago, I thought about something spectacular for Christmas. It seemed to me that Dallas didn't have anything grand. The 12 Days of Christmas would be perfect, and the Dallas Arboretum has the space to house it. The exhibit could be educational, telling you about England, the countryside, traditions and more. It would be a perfect thing that Dallas could be known for during Christmas.

Nothing what I expected. First, driving into the parking lot it's very dark. After you walk in you don't know which way to go. We found this throughout the entire display. No arrows directing you or employees. Once again, it's very dark and you are on your own to walk around and find the displays. I expected there to be Christmas lights along with the 12 days of Christmas displays.

12 Days of Christmas - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

They were always phenomenal, and I always wanted to do that. There are little surprises. The exhibit is lit from Wednesday through Sunday, 6 p.

12 Days of Christmas at night - Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Don't leave Dallas without trying a frozen margarita the frozen margarita machine was invented here in Nestled between Uptown, Lower Greenville Avenue and the town of Highland Park, lies the trendy Knox-Henderson neighborhood, a pedestrian-friendly area named for the two Tired of the shopping mall and want to find a cool Christmas attraction where you can take the kids? Dallasites and visitors alike flock to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in December for the annual 12 Days of Christmas exhibit! This seasonal event shines and is excellent for anyone who loves the holidays.


12 Days of Christmas 2014 at the Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Texas

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