What fruits should be refrigerated

24 foods you should STOP refrigerating!

what fruits should be refrigerated

Instead, keep what youíll eat within four days at room temperature and freeze the rest. Avocado, apples, bananas, citrus fruits, berries, peaches, apricots, and nectarines should be stored out of the fridge. Don't store an underripe avocado in the fridge, but an already ripe or cut.

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Storing fruits and veggies is quick and easy! We have included some storage tips and tricks below. Let us know via facebook or twitter. A crisper drawer will help protect your produce and keep the moisture in to maintain freshness for longer. Asparagus should be stored in the refrigerator, wrapped with a moist paper towel or you can stand them up in a glass of cold water wrapped with a damp paper towel. Plastic bags with tiny vents help keep produce fresh longer by releasing moisture.

But there are also some fruits and vegetables that would prefer to be left out on the counter. Or in a little ceramic pot on top of the fridge. Or in a cabinet under the drawer where all your spoons and ladles go. You shouldn't just go throwing everything in the fridge. Here are the fruits and vegetables that are best kept outside the fridge:.

Jump to navigation. Has this ever happened to you? It can be frustrating to spend your hard earned money on quality produce, only to have it spoil. And Americans throw out a lot of spoiled food. One way to reduce this waste is to know how to properly store produce so that your fruits and vegetables last longer without spoiling, and you get the full nutritional benefit from eating them. Some produce is best left out at room temperature, while some does better in the fridge. Other items can be left out to ripen, then put in the fridge to keep from over ripening.

Liberate these foods from the fridge to let them be their best and most sustainable selves. They allow for smaller kitchens, use less energy, and encourage less food waste. For people who live in walkable cities, they have the added bonus of inspiring a more communal way of shopping, in which one can procure fresh ingredients during a healthy daily stroll, supporting local businesses all the while. This has two benefits: It frees up room in the refrigerator, plus it allows non-fridge-loving produce to shine in its full potential of texture and flavor. Tomatoes Putting a tomato in the refrigerator is sentencing it to a sad future in which it loses its beautiful flavor. That gorgeous, luscious taste of a tomato is determined by sugars, acids, and volatile chemical compounds. Free the flavor compounds!

How to Store Fruits and Vegetables

Leave refrigerated produce unwashed in its original packaging or wrapped loosely in a plastic bag. Exceptions, such as mushrooms and herbs, are noted below. - We use cookies to enhance your experience, for analytics and to show you offers tailored to your interests on our site and third party sites.

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