James harden vs russell westbrook

Harden vs. Westbrook headlines first round matchup

james harden vs russell westbrook

Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars Russell Westbrook and James Harden that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained.


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Woj dropped a real bomb that day. It was a move that shocked NBA franchises and shook the landscape of the league simultaneously. He was coming off a career year, averaging He kind of stunk it up in the Finals against the Miami Heat just before that, but he was a bench player, after all, and young as well. It was understandable; the moment got to him.

The Thunder, who lost Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors in free agency after going , are currently sixth in the West. With the Thunder still within striking distance of the fifth seed and still at risk of sliding to seventh, Westbrook who has played in every game this season has every reason to keep pushing. Denver on April As evidenced by the point swing in net rating when Westbrook is on the floor vs. According to basketballreference.

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Do you remember the first time James Harden and Russell Westbrook took the court for a game against one another? Probably not, because it took place during one of the more forgettable Pac matchups of the college basketball season. The same could also be said for their second-ever matchup on the court. Westbrook went for 13 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists in that game, while Harden put up 11 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. Their numbers were slightly better than their first game against one another, but not by much. Fortunately, Harden and Westbrook have picked it up since then when playing against one another.

James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook Comparison

Star Comparison James Harden vs. - West: No.

James Harden vs. Russell Westbrook: Triple-Doubles and the MVP

While Westbrook's path to the playoffs and a potential MVP award was due to the massive numbers he put up this season in becoming the second player to average a triple-double over an entire season, Harden earned his place by leading a record-breaking offense on a team that exceeded expectations. Houston won the season series , but Westbrook did his usual damage scoring Westbrook's triple-double exploits are well documented this season, but Harden is certainly no slouch in that department and both players could take on several postseason triple-double records. Since the NBA expanded to a team playoff system, the record for triple-doubles in a single postseason is 11 in , a number that could easily be taken out between Harden and Westbrook. The most that feat has been accomplished in a single series is three times, which has happened several times in playoff history. Only two players have averaged a triple-double over an entire postseason, Oscar Robertson in over four games and Jason Kidd in over 12 games, while Wilt Chamberlain's seven triple-doubles in are the most over a single postseason.

There has been a lot of controversy of whether Westbrook or Harden is better. Every list, they are always right next to each other flipped or flopped. They are both top four point guards in the NBA but they are different kind of players. Westbrook being the more pass first point guard and Harden being more of a score first point guard. In my opinion Russell Westbrook is a better player than James Harden and here are some reasons why. The first reason is that Westbrook is more of an all around player.

Compare Player Stats for James Harden and Russell Westbrook

Both are having extraordinary seasons. Superficially, Westbrook and Harden have much in common. Both are having career years that have proven them to be fully viable franchise players. Both are colorful personalities given to outlandish fashion statements. And both are, in a sense, tales of redemption.


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