Haunted places on long island

Long Island Haunts: 13 Creepiest Haunted Places On Long Island

haunted places on long island

Oct 28, 13 Creepiest Haunted Places On Long Island HORRIFIC: Myths and urban legends abound about Melville / Huntington's Mount Misery and.

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By Linda Tagliaferro. Long Island, New York , has its fair share of haunted places, from centuries-old houses to abandoned buildings. Whether you believe ghost stories or think they're just urban legends, visit any of these spooky spots on Long Island and you're sure to get chills down your spine. But beware: Tales of shadowy figures, ghostly laughs, otherworldly banging noises, and legends of hefty doors opening and closing by themselves surround the Fire Island Lighthouse. There have been reports of screams in the night from that location, and there's a story from about an elderly woman who lived nearby that says she received visits from strange people that resembled Native Americans. They supposedly told the woman that the land her house rested on belonged to them.

Long Island was originally populated by Native American Indians before being settled by European immigrants during the s. It is an area that is rich in its history and which is packed full of all manner of myths, legends and ancient folklore. There is a little bit of everything here from sacred Native American burial grounds to sites significant to the Revolutionary War, plus a sprinkling of Gatsby style mansions and estates for good measure. How could we have a list of the most haunted places in Long Island without mentioning the most famous allegedly haunted house of all! Everyone knows the story of The Amityville House.

The Amityville Horror House, above, is the site of a gruesome crime and alleged supernatural phenomena. To get in the spirit of Halloween, here are some of the most haunted locations on Long Island that you and your friends can visit at your own risk or avoid at all costs. Temperature fluctuations, which are indicative of ghost manifestations, are also common in the area, according to Cardinuto. Investigators have used infrared thermometers on trees and observed this phenomena. On one occasion, the temperature rapidly dropped 10 degrees and remained there for 30 seconds before gradually rising. Located in ritzy West Hills, Mt.

Hosting a tournament or sporting event and need a facility? Sign-up to receive information on Long Island venues perfect for planning your next event. Long Island, NY has enough fascinating tales to send tingles down your spine. And there are several venues you can visit where you might find yourself wondering if the stories just might be true. If you want some good, chilling fun explore the most haunted places on Long Island where proprietors actually welcome visitors… and the ghosts might too. Country House Restaurant, Stony Brook.

Sign-up to receive our newsletter updates. If you want some good, chilling fun explore these haunted places on Long Island where proprietors welcome visitors. Raynham Hall. Gateway Playhouse. In the late s there was a murder here. Employees say they still hear sounds of moaning and see shadows and smoky forms, including a man with a top hat in the sound booth.

Originally the ancestral home of Native Americans and later settled by Europeans during the s, Long Island is rich in history and loaded with folklore, myths and urban legends. From ancient Native American burial grounds to remnants of the Revolutionary War to Gatsby-era mansion estates, Long Island is hallowed ground—the stage for countless triumphs and tragedies throughout the centuries. One legend has it there was a hospital here that burnt down sometime during the s or s—with some patients and staff still trapped inside—only to be rebuilt on the same site to tragically burn down again. Another speaks of a deranged nurse who set the blaze and roams the woods with or without a number of faceless children. Some claim to have seen burning spirits fleeing from the grounds, accompanied by screams. A shadow figure and glowing ghost-woman known as the Lady in White—believed by some to be a depressed patient who set the hospital afire, and in doing so, killed herself—can also reportedly occasionally be seen. Some profess her to be Mary, killed by a car or murdered on the road, who haunts a nearby graveyard.

Real Haunts on Long Island

If you want some good, chilling fun, you'll find plenty of haunted places on Long Island that welcome visitors. Ghost hunters and fans of the paranormal are invited to explore the island's haunts, including restaurants, theaters and even a ghostly lake. There's the story of the boy who was locked up in one of the houses at Old Bethpage Village, the Native American and soldier spirits that prowl Montauk, the Lady of the Lake at Lake Ronkonkoma, and more.

Creepy Places and Real Haunted Houses in New York

Aug 01, by Ross D. For those who seek it, New York State has a darker side to show off to fans of the offbeat, eerie, or macabre. Discover ghosts, haunted houses, and creepy graveyards when you check out these spooky spots. Their website is chock full of spooky locations, spirit hunts, guided tours, haunted inns, ghostly events, and even other-worldly dining all across New York State for the paranormal-curious, even some locations that cater to spectral investigation teams. There are tours ranging from two-hour historical flashlight walking tours to the three-hour Psych Hold and eight-hour Captive stay, plus private Ghost Haunts. Too much for you? The site features a myriad of preserved items, including antique medical equipment like Dr.

The Psych Center housed over 9, patients at its height, who were subjected to overcrowding and deplorable conditions, as well as dramatic procedures such as lobotomies and electro-shock therapy. -


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