You re waiting for a train

The place to be if you're waiting for a train - Graefenberg-Zone

you re waiting for a train

You're waiting for a train - Inception

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Where does this marking normally appear on a road? The lane is marked by a broken white line. What does this mean? A car is coming towards you. What should you do?

This is the only restaurant near the railway station, which is the terminus of a local line that will take you to Nuremberg-Nordostbahnhof. We were waiting for someone to pick us up; all five of us had coffee or tea; several had cake. Everything was more than satisfactory. The restaurant is small and cozy. The server is friendly and competent.

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A train that will take you far away. How can it not matter to you where that train will take you? And when I felt like every second took an hour and every minute lasted w a y too long, when I felt like I was stuck in limbo, when I felt like I was trapped. I thought of you. I managed to convey the message that I had to go and find her. In my dream, I was at a theme park, but had a triple-booked London day planned - I knew I had to go with this family in the afternoon, and after that catch a train to meet her. So I think I need to change the message a bit.

We have a feeling the co- moo -ting cows were probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to the Hever station platform. Or to any platform. Fellow railway passenger Francesca Ryan was waiting to board a different train when she spotted the cows across the way. So she did what any human being would do she snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter. I didn't realise that "when the cows come home" they have to catch a train to get there. I've never herd anything like it.

Waiting For A Train

Inception - Ending





god damn the pusher man




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