What to do when you didn t sleep all night

“Catching Up” On Sleep

what to do when you didn t sleep all night

Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? (Official Video)

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Consider this a template: Maybe not all of their advice will directly apply to you, because you work nights, or you work from home, or you work extremely long days. You will want to hit the snooze button. Resist this urge. Research suggests that eating within an hour of waking up will boost your mood and cognitive performance for the early part of your day. Stick to whole grains, protein, maybe a little fruit. Also: Have a little caffeine. Experts recommend no more than milligrams of caffeine a day.

But even an hour or two of lost sleep every night quickly adds up over the course of a week. Have more questions about sleep debt? We answer the most burning ones.
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Attention, night owls. Your parents didn't teach you to get your beauty sleep for no reason. Bodies of research support the fact that the average adult needs seven to eight and a half hours of sleep per night. This sounds ideal, but the busyness of life often causes the hours in the day to quickly slip away from us. Research shows that lack of sleep has a terribly disturbing effect on your brain. In fact, a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience found that chronic sleep loss can eventually lead to brain damage.

Didn't Sleep Much Last Night? 10 Ways to Function Today.

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Oct 3, Everyone has a bad night of sleep now and then. Your life won't wait until you're rested, so you'll need all the energy you can to get through.
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    Didn't Sleep Much Last Night? 10 Ways to Function Today.

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